I came to know about Manchanabele Dam when my father told about it whenever he bought fishes from there. The word ‘DAM’ created curiosity in me as it is located in outskirts of Bangalore. Located at a distance of 30 km from kengeri, Bangalore south, it wasn’t easy for me to go there as my college is 25 km away from there. Finally my plan of going to the Manchanabele Dam came during my 1st year engineering in ACS College of engineering. It was my starting days and I was coming to college in my bike that is ‘TVS victor GX’. Just like another day in college, myself and my friends (Mayur, Surya, Vasanth) decided to roam around the college in my bike but never thought of going 4 in 1 bik

e. I suggested the idea of going to Manchanabele dam. Everyone just agreed and came out of the class. We walked out of class and before another lecture’s class, we gone through corridor in front of office and principal’s room. Mayur and I went to parking lot to get my bike and Surya and Vasanth were through the main gate by that time. We four arrived outside the college and started to think. We were standing in front of my bike thinking how to go as there is only one bike and four guys in which two of them were more than average size. I asked Surya and Vasanth to come in bus till Ramohalli cross from our college bus stop thinking it may be risky travelling four guyz in a bike that too in a NH for a mile. Mayur and I came to Ramohalli cross while Surya and Vasanth came by bus. Once again we started to think about traveling quadruples. Everyone said let’s try, except me as I started to worry about my bike. Mayur sat in front and started, vasanth and surya followed him. I sat in last where I felt quite comfortable when compared to others. When we tried to move the bike, it didn’t move as the load was too heavy and the road was a slope which made even difficulty to move. Mayur asked me and surya to come over till the railway cross line where there was a flat road that helped us to start moving quadruples. There started our bunk trip to Manchanabele Dam for first and one of the best till date.

We were going very slowly which is slower than heavily loaded truck which passed us and after a mile we came up with a biker who asked us about adding one more fellow to sit in bike seeing our condition where Mayur was sitting almost on the petrol tank, Vasanth in actual rider position, Surya following him and myself sitting in pretty comfortable positio

n at end. Although the road was free we moved like bulldozer in a heavy traffic due to our overweight over an old vehicle and after 20 minutes ride we were at Ramohalli where one could find hotels, general stores, mechanic shop and many others which is important for a trip of this kind in that rural area except a petrol bunk which we previously saw at Anchepalya near Rajarajeshwari Medical College. I thought of buying some snacks but immediately dropped that idea as we were already carrying our lunch. We came near Big Banyan tree which is hundreds of year old as I heard. It is first time for Vasanth seeing all these things who is actually staying in Bangalor02122010214e from past couple of months.

We crossed Big Banyan tree and headed Chandrappa circle where we took a left turn and had some air pumped in rear Tyre in a puncture shop, as I felt decrease in air and everyone knew the reason. Mayur and Vasanth exchanged driving position at every nature’s call stop. We drove along ISRO’s some signal transmitting and receiving center(frankly speaking I have no idea about this place and I came to about this from my father who knew better than me) where we observed number of big spider web kind dish and antennas and were going in calm and clear road with trees along the way on either sides and arrived at Chikkanahalli till where I have been once with my father. I remembered my father telling that Manchanabele Dam is only few km from here by road and a km by walk which involves crossing a hill. We traveled for another 15 minutes, slowly through ups and downs and finally saw the water! ‘When we further moved my eyes began to fill with the view of a vast deep blue water reservoir surrounded by lush green mountains with small mud road in it and  mighty Savandhurga hill at reservoir’s tail. We stopped bike and got down. We decided not to go further because the road from main road to Dam was a mud road and is full of stones, which is difficult to ride especially for us!

There was a small hill to the left of the main road. We decided to have our lunch on top of that hill. We started to walk over that small hill which had grass grown up to a height of a foot and observed few broken glass bottles of boozes and to the side of hill, there was field and few farmers were working and also a cow watched over by a small girl. Although the hill was

 small, we were exhausted when we reached the top. So it made a perfect timing to have our lunch. We had our lunch and took some photos. We decided to leave and as the road was slope, Vasanth and Surya walked till the road was flat, while I drove the bike till flat road and Mayur was sitting behind me and initially 02122010213

it took some time to decide who to drive even for that small distance. When we arrived at flat road we saw only Vasanth and he told that Surya gone in a BMTC bus which goes to KR Market which is near to his house. Every one of us scolded him ourselves, initially, and later were happy because it made one less in our return ride so everyone could sit pretty comfortably. This happy thought vanished when we saw Surya at next stop. We intentionally passed and stopped away from him. He came to us and sat in his previous position telling that the bus will go to KR Market at 6’O clock which will be late for him.

Once again our quadruples journey started and ended at a stop before Ramoholli cross at Bangalore-Mysore road where we took some relief after a non- stop journey. Later Vasanth got down at Rajarajeshwari Dental College where his Hostel was, and we stopped at Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital bus stop which brought an end to our memorable ‘BUNK TRIP’.


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