The Rocks Of Ramanagara

Ramanagara is a well known place for silk, rocks and hills and last but not least the bollywood classic “Sholay”. As for the adventure enthuasists it is a best place for trekking , rock climbing and rappelling and there are clubs which provide these interests. Ramanagara is located at a distance of 45 km from Bangalore and 30 km from my college in the Bangalore-Mysore Highway.3

Finally that day of going to Ramanagara came once again on a bunk trip in my first year of engineering with the same gang from “Bunk trip to Manchanabele Dam” that is Mayur, Surya and Vasanth with one more friend Deepak. It all started when Vasanth told that he could get a bike from his hostallite friend so we all could go out roaming. Deepak wasn’t there when this was planned. We four came out of college just minutes after the planning. Once again the same four were standing surrounding my bike. Vasanth was trying to call his friend whose phone replied not reachable. In mean time Deepak who was coming late to college came and asked “bunk ha?”. “yes” was the immediate reply. Minutes later after trying so many times to call Vasanth’s friend and failing we decided to move on without another bike.

Mayur and Surya went in bike while Vasanth , Deepak and myself went in bus. Although I could have gone with Mayur and Surya in triple ride, I worried about my bike. Hence went in bus. By the time we reached Ramanagara, Mayur and Surya chose a hill for trekking after going through some ‘possimpissible’  hills. The hill that was chosen was in front of ‘Ramadevara Betta’[Lord Rama’s hill] which comes few  km before Ramanagara main bus stand where we actually got down from the bus. Everyone of us came at the foot of Ramadevara Betta where we parked my bike.1

The hill that we decided to trek looked small [as always] but definitely wasn’t meant for trekking as there wasn’t any paths to walk. But still we moved on. Before the start we had some snaps at a structure that was ruined at the bottom of the hill. We started in a random manner with the the only intention of reaching top with couple of litre of water as source of energy. The hill was completely coverd with either bushes or rocks and could find very few areas to walk. We walked in that areas not knowing the directions but moving upwards. Finally we reached the top where there was huge rocks which we thought difficult or impossible to climb from the direction we came, so we thought to stop and rest for few minutes. Later we found a path to climb those rocks from the other side. From the other side it looked simple but was challenging. There were two huge rocks separated by small rocks connected to each other. A side of these small rocks were completely joined with one of the huge rock which was on right side and partially to the huge rock on left side. The other side of the small rocks had dense bushes.
Ramadevara Betta

4The way to top of these two huge rocks was through these small rocks. With the help of right side’s huge rock one has to move on these small rocks starting with horse riding position and then sitting position towards the left side’s huge rock from which we can climb on the right side’s rock. The most amazing as well as challenging part was when while moving on small rocks there was a gap of average human size between those small rocks and right side huge rock which is about 40 to 50 feet down that looked terrifying! Finally all of us made to top of left side’s rock as well as to the one in right side. As I was moving my heart pounded increasingly two beats for every step as I moved closer to the end of cliff and top of the world!5 Had an amazing view of Rocky Ramanagara and at a point it resembled  the Grand Canyon. Spent some time and took few snaps.
Rocks Of Ramanagara

In every journey returning safely is important as much as much as the starting journey. Once again this same passage where the gap was, challenging and time consuming. Vasanth took almost combined time of all four of us and With little adventurehe finally made it to the ground. Later we wanted to face another challenge as we forgot the path we came. Once again with with same formula of going in random finding walkable path but downwards we finally made it to the ground for which the result is, we climbed the hill from south and descended in west. Went  to foot of Ramadevara Betta to get my bike and to get refreshed. Vasanth and Deepak went back in bus, while Mayur, Surya and myself returned in my bike.7The mission that we accomplished

This journey was so amazing that I remember this experience till the Ramanagara hills stand still, since its my first trekking experience in my Engineering Lifu!

For videos:


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