Shivappanayaka Fort


Shivappanayaka Fort also known Nagara Fort is located at place called Nagara, Shimoga District , Karnataka. Nagara is also famous for being the last capital of the Keladi rulers.Image

This lush green covered Fort’s photos was taken on my trip with my parents to kolluru Mookambika temple.

ImageSince I was traveling with my parents and other elders whose intentions was to reach Kolluru before night I didn’t get the chance to have a look inside the Fort which situated in greenaries of Shimoga.ImageHoping to visit this place once again and have a look inside the Fort.


4 thoughts on “Shivappanayaka Fort

    • Sorry to break the news mate, if you think this is type of architecture was not expected in India then you are sadly mistaken and it shows that you know nothing about Indian architecture and her heritage. If you want to know about Indian architecture try searching the same in google.

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