At that moment…

“Take me outside or else I’m gonna pee here itself” Rocky, my dog was barking kinda shouting at me few minutes before his food. I went out with him around 7:30 pm. As usual I saw towards that gate through which my neighboring girl walks… and to my very surprise she came out. The next moments were ‘Rocky go go, Rocky take piss , Rocky come come and Rocky here your food’. All the moments just occurred within minutes. I came out to buy a pencil which is my regular reason to come out if asked by my parents. By the time I came out she was nowhere to be found in our street. I thought she might be in any of the shops in main road. I went to a shop and she wasn’t there. So I went to another shop expecting her presence there as they are the only shops in our area. But she wasn’t there too.


I asked the shopkeeper for Dairymilk chocolate which I knew will be not there and got the expected reply. I was walking back towards our street. Suddenly from nowhere she appeared behind me. During the turn from main road to my street she came as close as half foot and at that moment…
…my heart started to pump heavily (may be I held my nerves tightly so the pressure increased as well as heart beat), my mobile phone was slipping from my sweaty hand and I hardly took breath. Uffffffffff! This is only in movies rite? Actually there was this moment which was wandering about the wonder and wilderness.

I thought of talking to her which would have been my first time since the time I had seen her long ago. But I couldn’t as I was scared of locals who spread the news faster than any news channel and facebook or twitter, because of which I may get screwed at home. And actually she was walking faster than me. I tried to match her pace, initially, but slowed down later. After that I enjoyed watching her from behind as she walked away.Image


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