The River

The River, on whom the civilization surving

The river is one of the most important source for the living of a being in this planet. Originating from earth’s crust it starts as streams of water , joins together to form a river that flows through the wild and also through civilizationz and at certain places falls from heights and ends by joining the vast seas and oceans. The river is also the birth place of civilizations such as the Egyptian civilization on the banks of river Nile and the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilization on the banks of river Indus/Sindh.The River, on whom the civilization surving

In India, except rivers Krishna and Brahmaputra, all other rivers are considered feminine which include rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Kaveri and so on which are actually considered holy and are worshipped. This is because a woman holds an important position in our culture for her greatness and modesty. Sustaining millions of lives in her and supporting another millions of lives, she is respected as a mother, the descendant of our Earth.

The River being calm in the midst of nature

Another image showing her calmness in absence of threats posed by humans

A mother an image for the love , care, calmness and forgiveness are imbibed by a river towards other creations of Earth. One such creation is human whose life starts at river and also ends there! Whatever the mistakes humans makes she kept washing his sins by consuming all their sins into herself and carried them away from him. But the human who never stops what he started, forgot to show his gratitude to her and polluted her purity and holiness . He didn’t stop there but instead he tried to make profits from her love and care. He misused her forgiveness and sealed her calmness by building the dams .

 However she controlled all her emotions and braced herself against the problems posed by human for very long time. But when time came she couldn’t control anymore and showed her dark side which caused the human to face D-Day, the Day of damage, demolition, destruction and death. In short kind of Doomsday. This is what we witnessed during the recent floods that washed Uttarakhand state in India. Finally she taught us a lesson which we are supposed to learn long ago. We neglected her forgiveness and we paid the price. Let us SAVE WATER, SAVE EARTH and thereby SAVE HUMANITY for our better future.

 [Do you know why the sea water is not portable or not used for any purpose? It is because it is filled with the sins of our species that have been depositing in it from long ago]



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