Years ago , when the new neighbours moved into the house next to ours, along came two dogs. Rossy, a German Shepherd breed and Bobby, a country dog in black with brown stripes all over. Out of curiosity I asked my mom

‘What breed is it?”

she replied ” Huli patte nayi (tiger stripe dog)”, for which my brother laughed. Then suddenly she continued by ending her previous line “isn’t it?”

It was actually ‘kanthri nayi’ as called in kannada language(‘nayi’ means dog whereas ‘kanthri’ means ????). Since I seen this dog only in India and not anywhere else, after little modification I called it ‘Country Dog’.dag

Months passed Rossy gave birth to 8-9 puppies among which we raised a puppy and named it ‘Tinkoo’ along with another puppy ‘Rocky’. As usual we went for walk in mornings and evenings. My brother with Tinkoo and myself with Rocky.

Once on a morning walk with rocky , my friend came with his dogs. There were three dogs , two of them were free and another was chained. Rocky sensed these dogs before I could see them. His hairs spiked and he was raging like a bull towards them  which had same reaction. As they came near their rage grew and Rocky’s too whose complete teeth was visible especially those canines. I tried to pull Rocky and my friend too. But I couldn’t as Rocky was furiously moving towards them who were coming close. Then came Bobby and stood next to Rocky. Joining Rocky’s side, he was furious at them. Next 30 – 45 seconds there was only” grrr, grrr” sound made by these dogs. Finally they ended only with their teeth exhibition. Thanks to Bobby, Rocky and others managed to go apart without any fight.

Another incident which makes me to write about Bobby was during the time when Rocky goes out unchained. At such times he never returns home for a couple of hours. But once when he was out with the chain still hanging in his belt, it turned out to be a miserable time. While making an adventurous run along the rocks of a small hill near our place his chain got stuck between rocks. Hours passed , but there was no sign of Rocky, which generally made everyone to worry. Finally my brother went out looking for him, but couldn’t find. He looked for Bobby who accompanies Rocky most of the times in his run. My brother observed Bobby walking here and there around the rocks. Thinking of Rocky’s presence, he went for a look. As he climbed the rocks, he saw frightened  Rocky stuck in the rocks by his chain making noise that actually sounded like crying for help. once again thanks to Bobby. If it wasn’t Bobby, we wouldn’t have seen him for days.

Few years later, our neighbours that is Bobby’s masters moved to another house, a couple of blocks away. I think this was Bobby’s difficult time as he was in dilemma to choose between  the two places. However for about a month he managed to stay at both places, but with a little difficult at new place. Since the new house was in an apartment, he wasn’t allowed inside. Therefore he stayed most of the time in the streets fighting other dogs and occasionally  in the parking area of apartment escaping security’s eye. Above all this, his master stayed only 2-3 days in their new house in a week. Because of this, he minimized his own allocated time at his masters place and started to stay longer in front of our house. Gradually he ended up staying here all the time which made us to care him who already considered us as his masters.


Every day he took a morning walk with my father, evening walk with my mother or me who usually go for walk with Rocky. Moreover he always accompanied me to the shops or for a walk with friends and even for the long walks which I have occasionally.

At times when people asks, “Is this dog, yours?”

Without a second thought I always replied “yes”.

Not because he follows me or I feed him. It is because of that one thing every dog lover loves to see. Wagging his tail when I approach him and jumping in excitement is most amusing thing I adore in Bobby. Because of this affection I feed him with snacks whenever I feed Rocky and Tinkoo, not worrying about the quantity.

Although we feed him, we never provided shelter. Sometimes he took shelter in same place where he was, even though in presence of new neighbours who didn’t bother. But most of the time he spent the night in back of auto rickshaws that stands in our street after 9. And Whenever it rains he found his roof under the stairs of other houses, whose owners neglected his presence. Few others offered snacks brought for him only and as a gratitude he was faithful to all of them. Even their children talked to him.

“Hey Bobby, come here”.

“Hey give that biscuit to Bobby” are the few lines I heard often.

Thus he became pet to all of them and eventually pet to the whole street and so he got the name ‘Street Dog’. Not biting anyone till date and not allowing any other dogs to the street, he is the first to ask new faces coming to our street ‘Who are you?”



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