At That Moment…#2

“karjaaya thu marjaa…” were the lines of a song from the movie ‘ABCD-Any Body Can Dance’ that was being played in my mind after watching the movie with friends in Gopalan cinemas . I watched a movie in theatre with friends after a long time because of which I was in a josh while going back home. Riding my new bike, Yamaha FZ(actually it belongs to my brother, but kinda for both) added more thrill to the josh I had. Although the road was empty I maintained the speed below 41 kmph (since the bike was new one was supposed to ride below 40 kmph atleast for a couple of months, for better performance in the future).

ayes Yamahaaa!

 The time was around 7.30 pm and I did not wear the helmet for two reasons. Primarily the vision would be blurry because of the scattering of light through the visor and other being that it actually didn’t suit me on my new bike. Hence it was hanging in my left arm. As I passed, the light poles on the left side of road stood tall with maximum brightness in pitch dark background. They were like series of photographers awaiting my arrival, the celebrity of the moment. As I passed by them, I felt as if they were clicking photos of me which made my nerves take control of the accelerator to drive even more slowly and the result was that the feeling of celebrity lasted a little longer. The reign of being celebrity ended after a couple of miles and made way to another world. I entered the forest area after the left turn from this road of photographers. As I entered, I was welcomed by a cool breeze caressing my face and hands, because of which, I stopped the bike, my hands still on clutch and accelerator, to feel more of it.

At that moment…

I was engulfed in the silence of forest directed by fireflies a couple of meters away, along with the wild night photographer-the moon. Coming from behind the dark clouds along with countless flashing stars he gave a big chilling smile. The silent forest noise bewitched me to stop the engine. As the engine shut off, the silence of forest grew more in numbers. But it stopped as a bike passed. Damn! I felt. It took me a while to recover from this deception. Meanwhile, the moon was busy making his way through the clouds to take my photo. Once again I enjoyed the thrill of being engulfed in the silence. This invaluable time didn’t long last as a series of vehicles disturbed the silence with their rattling noise. Again my reign of being celebrity ended as I started the engine and moved. During that night I think I disappointed the moon and its fellow flash lings  by not providing too many poses for their album ‘Good Night, Sweet Dreams’.


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