Valentine Gift

February 14th, the only day of the year, when the young generation’s world seems to be filled with lots of love, shared and exchanged with objects of heart shape and lots of posters and roses. Boys can be seen holding any one of these in front of their girls whose face may be blushing pink or bursting out red. But, it is also the day where singles feel for being lonely, or rather enjoy by themselves for not being part of the fantasy world filled with hi-fi, costly or stupid love!


Raghu, a guy who loves being solo soul till he finds a right girl at the right time, spends his time partying and adventuring with friends. Swapna, an ambitious girl, is not ready for any commitments till she assures herself of a bright future with a good career in her life. Seema and Vicky are lovely and a strongly bonded couple. Raghu, Swapna, Seema and Vicky form the core of their group. Vicky, coming from a wealthy family lives in an apartment. Seema, a typical Muslim girl also lives in a flat next to Vicky’s apartment. People think Seema is in love with Vicky just because he is rich. But all she can think of is sharing and caring for Vicky who also has same feelings for her. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Seema was so excited, as she came to know that Vicky was planning a surprise for her because of which, she could not stay on the ground. Sri was also a part of this group but only because he was in love with Swapna. He was being helped by Vicky, who was the only other person who knew about Sri’s love and his plan for a surprise event in which he would propose to Swapna on the day of Valentine with an ultimate gift.

Finally the clock’s all three hands joined to show 12’o clock to mark the Valentine’s Day. Thousands of messages and calls exchanged at that moment. Among this group, Seema’s is the only mobile to sound “Honey you got a message” which was the only source of light in her room. Seema who was so eagerly waiting for this moment picked her phone. With wide and bright eyes that reflected same amount of light produced by phone, she tapped on the screen to open a message “Happy Valentine’s Day” sent by Swapna, who almost stabbed her heart by sending the message before Vicky. Before her eyes grew red because of Swapna, they were covered by a hand. She tried to scream. But, even her mouth was closed by another hand. Her heart beat increased and eventually cooled down by a rose that poked in her cleavage. A warm breath next to her ear said “Happy valentine’s day, honey”. It was Vicky who entered Seema’s room through the balcony door using the key stolen from Seema’s bag the previous day and by jumping from her neighbour’s balcony to Seema’s. Since Seema was alone in her flat, Vicky managed to enter with the help of a newlywed neighbors who were aware of their love story.

“Stupid” was all Seema could say before she saw a red box placed in front of her as Vicky switched on the light. With lot of curiosity she took that box which had the words ‘To my life, a life’ on it. When she unwrapped and opened it, to her surprise a cockroach flew from the box with Vicky saying “Valentine’s day foool”. He vanished through the main door, leaving another box which was already open. There was a white rabbit with the name ‘SEEMA’ written on its red collar. Seema was still recovering from the previous shock and yet had another shock because of the surprise she was given. There were enough shocks for Seema who went to sleep to create her own fantasy world of love.

* * * * *

Vicky said, “Guys let’s have dinner at my flat today.”

“OK. But before dinner, let us go to a movie”, Swapna replied sitting on her moped.

“Hey, sorry everyone I have an important work to do so I can’t come to movie. I’ll definitely be there for dinner”, Sri said and left without waiting for other’s reply.

“Idiot. He’s gonna miss an awesome movie. Come on guys lets go” Raghu reacted.

* * * * *

“Hey, you should have seen Seema’s face when the hero died in the climax. Her eyes were filled with so much tears that one could swim on them. Hahaha!!!” said Vicky pointing towards Seema, all the while walking towards his flat in the apartment corridor with Raghu, Swapna and Seema who were close behind. They could barely walk. They were all very hungry as Vicky had made everyone starve since noon, as he had dinner ready for everyone at his flat.

“Oh God. Stop your story. I’m hungry. I can’t wait anymore. Let’s move fast”, Swapna told as she rushed past everyone to Vicky’s flat. Vicky rushed too, to open the door as Raghu and Seema were still behind. Raghu and Seema were talking very slowly that no one could hear them. There wasn’t energy in to speak out loud and there wasn’t energy in Vicky and Swapna to hear what they were speaking.

“Come on yaar, open the door soon”, Swapna urged Vicky. ”Here you go”, responded Vicky opening the door.

Swapna entered at a brisk pace and stopped in the same pace after a couple of steps, as she was stunned by the house lit by the candle lights everywhere, placed in a manner, making different signs and shapes at every corner, along with the red colored heart-shaped balloons levitating, pillows lying around a few candles and a table on which was a heart-shaped cake surrounded by light drinks. There were other drinks too, the aroma of which filled the entire room, and even the neighbor’s flat if, the door was open.

Sri, who was just a couple of feet from Swapna, was on his knees, on a heart-shaped carpet. He held out a ring and said “I Love You, Swapna.”

Those three words in that scenario along with the theme song of ‘Titanic’ movie in the background would have mesmerized any girl to fall in love with the boy on his knees, at least for that moment.

Seema who entered the house Following Swapna and Vicky screamed “Congratulations Guyz.” She hugged Swapna from behind and planted a kiss on her cheek and stared at Vicky, who was thinking “What is going to happen next?” Without a wink, Raghu stood at the door as if he was frozen suddenly due to heavy temperature drop. Everybody was waiting for Swapna’s reply.

Swapna, on whom the entire group was focusing, hid her face in her long hair, trying to avoid eye contact with Sri. Breathing heavily, she said, ”Ahh… Ahh… I’m sorry.

Suddenly the house became silent, although the song was still playing. Seema who was the only living being in that room till then froze and covered her mouth, thus covering the brightest thing in the room, and widened her eyes which were like almost filled dam.

Swapna continued, “Sorry Guyz, I should have told you long ago. Raghu and I are dating from past three months.” Taking a locket out that was hidden beneath her T-Shirt, she said, “He proposed to me a week ago.” Moving towards Raghu who, was idle from the start of the event, she continued, “I accepted and I Love him,” and thrust her hands and held Raghu’s arm tightly, which symbolically said ‘NO ONE CAN SEPARATE THEM.’

All the boys who were frozen till then became active as Raghu turned and went away holding Swapna’s hand and saying, “Will meet you all tomorrow.” Sri, who was on his knees, with an arm holding a ring pointing towards the door, collapsed as Swapna went. But he was rescued by Seema who, rushed to hold him, and both of them burst into tears.

The song that was playing in the background ended. Most of the candles were very bright as they were nearing their end. Vicky closed the door and was walking towards Seema and Sri who, were in the ground. Doorbell broke the silence of the evening. Vicky opened the door to a beautiful girl in black skirts, blushing and holding a red box. She hugged Vicky and kissing his cheek said, “thank you for the Gift. I was expecting this from long ago.”

Sri and Seema, who were together, were shocked. The tears on Seema’s cheeks evaporated in  fraction of a second, although Sri’s were still sliding, when that pretty girl left a confusion mark on Vicky’s face, who would see Hell .


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