Watching Tea and drinking Sunset!


 A view I always enjoy from my home. (8 photos)


Same Sun, same time(may be a little different in other seasons), no matter how many times I see the sun setting down, I enjoy every moment of it. Even though I hate it during noon (not all time), I wish to see it everyday in evening.


Well, sometimes the sunset moment becomes very beautiful when another beautiful thing accompanies it, at right time though. I do enjoy having Tea often and love it to have in evenings with friends and family.


Today, the tea time was little interesting. Because two beautiful things which I like coalesced to form one beautiful evening.


And the result was, I took the camera out and captured this which seemed beautiful as always.


This is when there was no more sun, but still, it’s effect on us which made it look different.



Finally, thanks to my dad for his cup of Tea which made all the beautiful things to come possible, once again.


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