For whom do we live?

This question starts to arise, when you realize that even you starts to think about others and the things you expect from others. When you go out to buy clothes with your friends or family, after selecting a dress, you ask, “How does it look for me?” You ask others to buy for you. You may feel happy if they agree what you selected, if they didn’t like…you move to other. This is one simple example to tell that we live for others, in our own life.

In a society where I live, one doesn’t know about the life they have, until they realize the thing they want to become before someone asks, “What do you want to become?” Until the completion of their school, one will be guided at each and every stage by some or other in the form of parents, teachers, guardians, other elders. And till that moment, there only purpose of life was to clear the grades. Now they are ready for the college. Questions like “what do you want to do now?” starts to come. This is the time where one will be guided to a path as required by others. Some lucky fellows chose their own path they like. They are lucky because they will be surrounded by likeminded people. But the tough time starts to those lucky fellows, when people around them starts to expect the outcome from the path they have chosen. And that is the moment they realize, for whom do we live?

It is irony that some people live their life for others. A man who works for his family and his wife who is also a mother lives for her kids. Their kids who may be not knowing what life is lives under the shadow of their parents. When those kids grow up and start to earn, they think it’s time to look after the parents who worked all their life just for their sake. Years later, they will have their own family and same cycle repeats, again and again.

There is an interesting thing that lies between two kinds of people. People who has everything and people with nothing. Among these, each type of people is jealous of others and once again, they admire others to set their life. A millionaire who has everything thinks of people who has nothing but living peacefully(Because he doesn’t have a million rupees and million problems) and a common man who has nothing but wants to have everything!

Now the question is, when will a man live for himself?

Answer is, it is the stage where he is not used to walk on two limbs. I mean a small baby and an old fellow with walking stick. The baby who doesn’t know about the world, orders food by crying and it is served. Want to go for loo, again cry and the people around it will be ready to look after the baby. Whoa a lucky one I guess! Coming to a granny’s story, well, they won’t have anyone to serve them at all the times. They will be living, considering each moment as precious ones. All their lives, they lived for others and now they have realized to live for no one. Technically they are dependent on people in their last part of life’s journey, but, they are the independent ones who will enjoy the fullest freedom, irrespective of the state they are in. They have no hope of living like a hero, but being simplest persons on the planet.

Now we may think, “are we living for other?” Absolutely Yes and No. Confused? Well, You must be. Because you don’t know how you live and why you live and for whom you live. You live in a society which means definitely you will be living for others. But, at same time you live for yourself too. Starting from start of the day, you live for yourself. That one minute nap after the alarm in morning, hot water bath in chilled weather , last sip of the coffee, having last piece of bread, looking at the birds or clouds when stuck in a traffic, evening chats, big dreams in same nights and refreshing your computer at times are some of the unnoticed things we do for ourselves among other thousands of precious things. So let’s try to live the life considering each moment as an adventure and lets live through some of the good, the bad and the badass moments!!!


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