Year’s First Trip

Following 2013’s new year resolution about visiting new place every year, was achieved very early in this year with the Trip to Melukote and other places within Mandya district of Karnataka. It was trip to some of the temples and when I say temples it means it was a trip with my parents. These temples which are centuries old, were constructed by early Hindu rulers of the region. Since these temples were of historic significance which is amusing, it eventually influenced some of my friends to join me and so it was trip with family, friends and fun!


Melukote, Mandya

Mandya, famously known as ಸಕ್ಕರೆ ನಾಡು ಮಂಡ್ಯ [ Sakkare Nadu Mandya] meaning sugar land, is a district in Karnataka. Blessed with river Cauvery, it is one of the prominent agricultural land since the times of Vijayanagara Empire and was most prominent during the reign Mysore Kingdom. Located at distance of around 100 kms from Bangalore, Mandya has some of the best historic monuments (Temples and Forts) as well as natural beauties (Barachukki and Gaganachukki Falls, Ranganathittu and Kokrebellur Bird Sanctuary, Bheemeshwari wildlife Sanctuary etc.)

Sculptures from temples of  Melukote

Sculptures from temples of Melukote

'Kalyani' of Melukote Cheluvanarayana Swami Temple

Kalyani‘ of Melukote Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple

IMG_6581 copy-001

The Hill on which Yoganarasimha Swami Temple is located


From the hill, the view of Melukote


40 km from Mandya, is Melukote, a sacred pilgrim center. The Cheluvanarayana Swamy and Yoganarasimha swamy temples (both being Lord Vishnu’s different ‘avatar’) of Melukote has a history of more than 1000 years. Few km from Melukote is Lord Parthasarathi and Lord Nambiyar Temples (once again same God) which is located next to huge Thonnur Lake.


Temple of Lord Parthasarthi






My parents and friends inside the temple of Lord Nambiyar


Lake Thonnur

Lake Thonnur

Another temple, belonging to Lord Bhoo Varahaswamy (once again one of Lord vishnu’s avatar) is located at Kalhalli and once again its next to a lake! With great history of centuries  old, it was undiscovered and unprotected until a few years back. The story of Bhoo Varahaswamy and about this place as said by my mom goes like this…One fine day when a king (probably Hoysala king Veera Ballala III, a slight guess of mine since he built the temple) went to hunt animals, as was in practice, the dogs which were used for hunting, chased a rabbit. When the rabbit reached a particular place, it stopped and tried to scare away the dogs. Stunned by this wonder, when in pursuit of the reason for this incident, he found idol of Varahaswamy which is about 15 feet buried in the ground. Since it was found in ground literally meaning ‘bhoomi‘ as in kannada, it got the name  Bhoo Varahaswamy and so the story ended and construction of temple started.


Bhoo Varahaswamy Temple at kalhalli


A boat ride in a lake nearby the Bhoo Varahaswamy Temple, with friends looking at amazing sunset, was the last thing I did during the awesome trip with family and friends to some of Incredible India’s incredible monuments.



2 thoughts on “Year’s First Trip

  1. Thank you for reading about the Servants of Charity and for sharing your experience. It is so good to see the vast beauty of the Indian landscape outside of the crowded cities. This looks like it was an amazing journey!

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