A usual day with unusual end

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It’s been a month since I left India. All these days I was comparing things between India and France. Also, I was going to college and doing other regular things. Among many, there is one particular thing which is in contradiction to each other. Back in India the weekends are filled with lot of activities, within homes and outside, like malls, markets, cinemas, etc. But here in France, I find it is less active especially on Sundays where public transports are less active too. Anyways, the story I’m going to tell happened on a Saturday!

It all happened on one fine Saturday. We (Kp, Mahantesh, Syed and myself) got up, we finished our daily morning rituals, we had our breakfast and we (with three more) left. We reached Poitiers from university by bus within 20 minutes. With the broken french speaking ability, we managed to get in the bus going to Chauvigny from Poitiers.


Chauvigny, the medieval age town at the bank of river Vienne is located at a distance of 25km is a cool place (literally too). We arrived at Chauvigny around 1’o clock after passing by country side.


As soon as we landed, we boosted our energy to wander the city by having pizzas and french fries.


Once we were packed with energy we started to walk towards Cité Médiévale. We wandered in this centuries old city passing by Saint Pierre Collegiate Church famous for its sculptured chapels and painted columns, the Notre-Dame Church.

20151010_153341 copy


In the upper part of the town, the high ruins of the Baronnial Château are the place for flying bird show (for which we were early). We explored the beauty of Saint-Pierre église and old articrafts in the nearby museum and also had an amazing view of the entire City. It was refreshing to see Roman architecture after being brought up witnessing Indian architecture.



IMG_73900The time was nearing 4 pm so we started to bid goodbye to this ancient monument. We returned to the place where we got down from the bus. Checked with the timings for our return journey. We had bus going to Poitiers at 5:31pm. So we relaxed for a while having cup of coffee at nearby cafe. Came to bus stop when it is 7 minutes to the bus and we were standing. Till now everything went smooth and fine.


“Macha, its 5:32!!!” I said to my friend indicating that a minute has been passed from actual bus arriving time. So far during our stay in France, we never experienced delay in bus arrival, not even by a minute. So I brought it to attention to my friends. 5:32pm became 5:37…5:37 in to 5:42…and finally its 5:50. We got to know that buses here cannot be this late. So we enquired a local person who wasn’t that sure. He enquired about timings with some other person and came back. He said that the bus arriving at 5:31pm is only on Thursday! And also there isn’t any buses to Poitiers till Sunday noon or Monday (not sure which one). This shocking news tickled our spine pretty strongly. Later that person took us to his shop and gave a white paper and wrote “POITIERS-SVP” and asked us to hold it by the side of road as it’s the usual way asking to hitch-hike. We thanked him for his suggestion and came to the bus stop where we held the sign board. Time passed and nobody showed signs of stopping since none of them were going to Poitiers nor had enough space in their Vehicles. Time kept on Passing. We were deciding either to call taxi (which was not sure for availability) or to wait some more time. And then…

The same person came in his car with his wife and stopped. A big smile from him matched our giant smile. Since only four people can sit in his car, he asked only four people to sit in his car and remaining three people……in his friend’s car! Yep, it’s his friend. His friend along with his wife who came in their car were actually going to Poitiers. Four people sat in that person’s car and rest in his friend’s car. At first, our car (i.e., that person’s friend car) followed his car which went to their residence where the person dropped his wife. An U-turn later we headed towards Poitiers passing by same country-side with amazing sun set view. 20minutes or so, we arrived at Poitiers where both the cars halted at a bus stop which had a direct bus to our place. The person’s friend, Mr. Eneau bid farewell to us with his wife to whom we thanked. Later that person started to bid farewell too and before that had little chit-chat and we finally thanked him for which he invited us to come Chauvigny again and this time for lunch in his home. We asked for same thing and invited him for our place for lunch. And that warm hearted person who helped us a lot is called by name, Mr. BOUDONNE.


We thank you a lot and we will never forget you!!!


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