Just like that


Sometime in the night, while I was on bed…

Its dark and its silent. The light from the small gap in door is illuminating on my book rack and clock on the wall which is perpendicular to my bed facing opposite to me. Since the light is coming after diffraction, it is not so bright. I can see where the clock is, but not what time it is. All I could sense in the room is tik-tok sound of the clock and my breathing. Lying on bed, I’m counting the seconds in my mind along with tik-tok sound. The clock sound is so varying; I was trying to match the sound with a song. But my mind is clear and is actually blank so I can’t think of any song right now. All I could do now is counting seconds along with the sound and bringing this into words. Words, the effective weapon to reach person has ability to make strong influence. Sometimes the words could be a reason for love and also war. A word can create and also can destroy. I’m happy I just got hold of these words. Going through my mind, expressing my thoughts these are the beautiful things I’m proud of owning. In my solitude world, these words are the basic unit for expressing my feelings and it also my virtual companion. A companion through my happy and sad moments. When I’m happy I write, when sad I write and when I don’t have anything to do, I write. This is the reason for birth of this writing. I’m writing, I’ll write and I’ll be writing to express myself and to reach the world, to the world of the good, the bad and the badass people among to whom this may reach. Often I thought if I could reach people through my writing and I doubted myself. But some writings later I realized that I could reach people and the reason some of my friends ask, “did you write anything later?” just boosts the confidence of writer part in me. Overall, I consider writing as a medium to express me, being me, from me. Some years down the line I hope I’ll find / make another way to express me and that will be…(I’m working on it)



I think I worked on the other way to express.


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