Hi, I’m Jayanth an engineering student pursuing master’s in Aeronautics in France. I’m a Bengaluru hudga who loves…

FOOD: as it is the basic need for living, I’m a Big foodie and love eating all veg and few non veg.

MOVIES: It is my biggest entertainer and enjoy all type of movies especially war and history.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Action speaks more than words and a photo speaks more than both and I believe this. One can  Enjoy the  scene that others normally don’t. My ‘mobile’ is my primary camera that shoots .

TRAVEL: World trip is my main aim as it satisfies above interests along with the knowledge of other regions and cultures.

WRITING: The latest addition to my blog  to express my views and thoughts( Kindy brace yourself against grammatical mistakes, spelling errors while reading my writing).

SLEEP: After all these one needs rest so this is my best medicine and is the time during which I imagine the new things that I need to do.

You can be in contact by mailing @ jayanthkumar.sm@gmail.com

& following me on instagram @mjay4rever


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Engineering is very far from Photography, Travelling and other aspects or things you’ve just wrote. But I like how you still continue living with the things you like to do. I agree with your thoughts about Photography and Travelling. I wonder what’s your “mobile” phone because it takes a guts and skills to take good picture using other device besides DSLrs. 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by. I used to take pics from Nokia 2700 and Nokia 6700. Now I use Sony xperia M and at times friend’s phone. I also own a DSLR and most of the recent pics are from it. And if you are into engineering, you will automatically end up in love with everything except engineering 😛

      • Oooohhh Classic phones. 🙂 I’m also planning to buy a DSLR but I’m not familiar to which brand has offers the best. do you have any recommendation for beginners like me? I also use ipod4, my phone “agua rio” and samsung ES90 (digicam) 🙂 ahahaha I understand what you feel :))

  2. Hello Jayanth and thank you for stopping by my blog. That brought me here today to see your wonderful photos! I am a chemical engineer near the end of my professional career and getting ready for retirement (which will probably have me more busy than when I was working). Following your site now and looking forward to future posts. Regards, Dennis

  3. Hey Jayanth,
    Thanks for stopping by and liking my post..!!
    You have an amazing blog here, the photography is really something great…!!👌
    Your travelogues are awesome, reminded me of my engg. Days.😊
    Keep up the good work, all the best for your masters..👍

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