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Bicycle story #2

In the earlier Bicycle story , I shared my friend’s blog post, where pics of our little bicycle adventures are shown. The photos from earlier post were taken by Mayur Srivatsav. Since he shot those pictures, one could see more of me in those pics.

Now it is my turn to present the bicycle story from my point of view through following photos. And, je vous présentez les photos de nos petite adventures !




my bike!




Bicycle story

The place I live in (Chasseneuil) is a small commune, surrounded by vast farmlands in all directions. The view resembles Microsoft Windows wallpapers. Beauty in every direction! My friends and I bought used bicycles recently and have been going crazy riding them everywhere. Here are some pictures, The lone ranger The Shawshank redemption Interstellar Goodfellas […]

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Along Came Sisya

Sisya, meaning student is a kannada word and here, the sisya is Aakash. Aakash a 11th grade guy from Pune was such a boy that, everyday he runs for about 20km, goes to school just for the sake of attending practicals and studies theories by himself in home. He has dream of getting into NDA- National Defence Academy and is actually preparing for it. He hasn’t watched much movies, except few recent hits and few all time hits. He has no girl friends and was never in love nor had crush on any girl.


I met him during our trekking expedition in Goa organised by YHAI, earlier this year. Mayur, Sachin, Vinodh and I reached the base camp  pretty early because of which we were able to get a tent. Later came a 40yo or something fellow from Pune followed by another Bangalorean. After some rest in the tent, we went out for exploring nearby places and returned. Then all four of us had chat with Pune fellow and got to know there will be another guy coming to our tent.

Sometime later when we entered our tent after a round of wandering the camp, we came by a guy who looked in his last teen, fair and had his hair spiked and being without any sign of moustache or beard. He was sitting in left corner of the tent and was arranging his things from his backpack. We introduced ourselves and in reply got to know his name.

Since inside the tent it was stuffy during noon, for the most of the time we  remained outside. And whenever we are about to leave the tent for another round of roaming within the camp, he asked, “Are you all going out?”

Actually we had plan of going out in the evening so at that time we said no. This happened again and in reply we said, “We will let you know if we ever go.” Moreover, whenever we started a conversation with him, his first line was, “sorry, pardon me.” That line made me to think, ” Does my english suck?” But this happened with all four of us and got know it may be because of our accent.

Finally, when we left for the Miramar beach for the first time on first day, he came with us. There we stayed for a while, after seeing few dead jelly fishes and feeling jellyness of those fish. From there we went to the market which was on the other side of our camp. During that journey, we came to know that he is a runner. So when it was about half a km to our camp, Aakash and I decided to run, as he was longing for a run  and he already missed the practise of running on that particular day. With all the energy I had, I ran quickly and he followed me running casually. When he came to me, he asked for another run, for which my exhausted body said Nooooo. By this time he became our friend and I started to teach him kannada so he became my student aka sisya. But on the first day sisya wasn’t with us all that time and spent most of the time in reading a book.


In the next morning, during breakfast, we came to know that he went for running, in the ground next to our camp, before we all were awake . On the same day, after 3-4 km of acclimatization walk along the beach, we went to have rest at bank of river Mandovi which was adjacent to our camp. Except Sachin who remained back in the tent, we had little personal chit chat. For sisya, as said earlier wasn’t in a love and neither had a crush nor attraction to any girl. But he is boy and a boy must have some or other type of feeling to a girl. Asking on the same topic and doubting his boy thing, we finally came to know that he too liked a girl. That was just a like by the way. But, to get to know about his feeling for that girl, Mayur, Vinodh and I bribed him. Bribed with stories of our attractions and crushes! From there onwards he stayed all the time with us, even though he didn’t knew kannada and there were other hindi speaking people. He became so close with us on second day itself that he showed one of his hidden talents just for Mayur and me. It is the dance.

On our third day of the expedition , we were damn exhausted in our 15km beach walk. But compared to us, he was kinda less exhausted and was enjoying with water and waves. Also he was longing for a swim in those beautiful beaches. And his wish got accepted after a km. Even after swim, our journey was kind of boring and exhausted.  There we started to talk about the birds. Foreign birds in the Indian beach. Since sisya had no knowledge about the birds, we taught him about liking the birds based on the rating, which included the type of bird, it’s feathers and figure and other things. He learnt so quickly that he started to show us some birds, saying , ” look at 2’o clock”, ” look 10’o clock” and so on. After some time he became more concerned about these birds than us.

Sisya being with us all the time, made others wondered  if he was from our place and actually our friend even before this expedition? This wonder kept us together till the last day, at all times. If we were in the last walking slowly, he would stick with us matching our pace and if were ahead of everyone he was with us there too. Not a single time, he had food without us during our entire journey.

During fourth day which is again another beach walk, we were damn lazy to do it once again. So we bunked the walk and left to the next camp in a bus. When it is about a km or two, we reached the camp by walk after a swim. And sisya was with us all these moments. And in the camp on same day, when we were lazy enough to attend the camp fire in the night, he remained with us in the tent, being lazy in a cozy nook.

On the fifth day, when we started our journey through train , we all sat in one compartment along with two more Bangaloreans from our group, who were pretty amazed by now, because of sisya being with us all the time and almost at all the places except when we went to finish our daily karya.


Sixth day was toughest yet beautiful trek in our whole journey. When we reached the Caranzol camp, we took bath in nearby river. And for the first time he was with us during a bath, and involved in catching the fishes using our towels.

At certain times we were unhappy with our sisya. Because whenever we offered him snacks or juices, he denied it most of the time. And when he accepted it , he tried to pay for it, for which we ruthlessly denied.

Since our expedition was in the western ghats which is home to the different kinds of animals, birds and reptiles, he was longing to see a snake in his whole journey, although he saw one during one of our beach walk and during the demo about handling the situation whenever we encounter a snake. Because of this craziness, on the seventh day of our expedition, at Nandran camp, he went alone in search of snake. We didn’t go as we were taking rest. Poking bushes and holes in the ground with a stick, he went into the forest. After an hour he returned and went directly to the tent. When we went to the tent, we saw him in pain, due to the injury he had in one of his leg. Then when asked about it, he said- as he was poking in a hole, a snake suddenly came out and in fear when he stepped back, he missed the balance and fell down because of which he injured himself . From there he returned to the tent hopping slowly. After examining from a group medical students who were part of our journey, they said nothing to worry about anything as it is only a cramp and suggested to use a spray and not to make any sudden moments or apply sudden loads. Because of his craziness he paid a little prize.

On the eighth day, for the first time he was ahead of us all and reached the destination pretty early. We didn’t ask about it, but we were worried about his cramp in the leg as there wasn’t any hurry to reach that early. When we reached there, he was with his book as usual, even though there was other people from our group.


Our sisya was so good at following us. In the ninth and last day, after checkout from the camp arounf 10 am, he had a seat in a bus booked at 7 pm from Goa to Pune. He said he will be going to the bus stand now itself and started to bid farewell. But, we asked him to come with us near our room booked in a Hostel on the other side of Goa and in reply he nodded and came with us. He stayed with us till 3 pm and left. When he boarded the bus, he called us and informed about it and when he reached his home safely, he sent a message.

Two days later, he sent a friend request in Facebook. And few days later he messaged saying ” Nin th*ka k*ya” meaning ” F*ck your a**”. He did so, because ‘Hi’ in kannada means ‘Nin th*ka k*ya’ as we taught him, but not the one it is supposed to be in original.  And in a bracket he also messaged ‘Hi’. What made me proud of being master to sisya is, during the chat on that day, he asked me suggestions about asking out a girl!


Savandurga Trek (Part 2)

Best times with Buddies

We met the rest of the guys before reaching the top, which was now only few meters ahead of us.


By the time we met them, they had already made it to the top and were actually having fun by sitting over a tree, our ancestral place! To relive and rejoice their enjoyment, they were giving different poses for the camera.IMG_0543


During this event, my friend Vinodh who is kind of heavy was sitting at edge of a branch and was posing for photos being captured by Surya. First shot, done. Surya went on to take another shot. After adjusting the camera, when he tried to focus on Vinodh, he was out focus. Even Sunil and Mahanthesh who were least bothered with photos, also were shocked as Vinodh vanished from the spot he was sitting. They went over to the edge of the rock and found him between smaller rocks under the branch he was sitting on which is about 2-3 meters. Controlling the pain he had felt, he acted as if nothing happened. But he had bruises on his leg and cuts on his foot and knees. The severity of cut could be guessed by the puncture in his pant.

We also arrived on the scene of the accident. Surya explained the whole event. Kp examined deeply for any cuts or scratches and found nothing.

Not even a scratch on the surface of the rock, on which Vinodh fell. It must be hard and so is our Vinodh who continued the journey with little help from Kp and Subbu. We all made it to the top and now got to know the real bad news.






Mahanthesh, Sunil, Surya and Vinodh who carried our bags the other way finished most of the snacks we had brought except for a couple of biscuit packs. We satisfied ourselves with those remaining biscuits. A big thanks to a boy who came there with fruit juices and quenched our thirst.


Later, we had some amazing time. I wished I was lighter by a few pounds just because i wanted to fly with the wind.this wind that was already blowing heavily almost pushed us, but with a little more effort, it could have lifted us. Amid all this fun, we captured these amazing moments.



An hour later, we all left. Subbu, accompanying Vinodh came slowly. We also moved pretty slowly. Enjoying the amazing view around the hill, we moved with ease (as we were descending the other way- the easier path).




Once again it started to rain. It was drizzling and this time I enjoyed it a lot as compared to my previous encounter. We made it to the ground pretty smoothly .


Subbu was with Vinodh all time providing the help Vinodh needed.


Later, we all went to a near by Hospital to clean the wound Vinodh suffered and to have it properly dressed.


Although we had this incident with Vinodh, we returned home safe and sound thereafter, we enjoyed the trip to maximum and also learnt a very valuable lesson at the end of day.

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Savandurga Trek (Part 1)

It was the third day of my 7th semester so I wanted to make everyday count in my final year. Meeting all friends after a month added up josh to make it Count. It was Saturday so we planned a trip to Devarayanadurga. In the last hour many guys didn’t show up. Because of this group of 14 reduced to 8 reducing the number of bikes to 3. Since two bikes has to carry three people for about 75km and that too in National Highway, we thought it would be risky. Hence the destination changed from Devarayanadurga to Savandurga. Savandurga is so huge that it is seen from my house which is 50km away and from my college which is 35-40 km away and stood gigantic without being affected by rain and sun.

Surya, Subbu, Kp, Sunil, Jagadeesh, Mahantesh, Vinodh and myself left in three bikes(this time its double ride in my bike). Each and everyone in the group have been there once. few have made it to the top ( via rough n easy way) and few, to some extent and few not at all. And I’m one and only in the last few. During my last visit here I didn’t climb the hill as I didn’t have enough time. I wanted to return early so I ended up roaming in nearby park for few minutes. This time I was determined to reach top and wanted Savandurga trek experience in my list of adventures and someone said wish granted.


After buying snacks We reached Savandurga passing Manchanabele Dam and forest area, which is adjacent to both.


We were at the foot of this enormous hill which is almost kissing the sky.


One could see the walls here and there on hill built by Kempegowda for the guards few centuries ago. At the start I asked Kp and Subbu in which way to go. Rough or easy??? They replied ” come on, lets see what the majority is” For the first few meters we took the rough path and made it easily.


Then later few chose to move in easy path. But Kp, Jagadeesh, Subbu and me chose the straight, short, vertical , dangerous,…………, rough way.


Till the energy we had because of our breakfast, we all climbed the hill smoothly in that rough path. But once when the energy started to drain in everyone, the body started to shiver and for the first time we were scared of the height and enormous height left. As we moved the difficulty grew ( as we kept losing energy and path gaining difficulty). Kp was ahead of us all followed by Jagadeesh and myself and in last Subbu, who has put some weight in recent months. We took rest at a place where there was enough space to sit quietly. And from that point it clearly made a statement it is damn difficult to make return journey from the path we just came as path was too vertical. Even though we can, it will create holes and cuts in the back of our pants.


As always, the top looked so near as we kept moving and the hell started to appear when-

*My shoes started to slip and it became hard to find a place for grip.

*At times when we hold a rock for grip it came out.

*Subbu was almost down resting on his belly .

*Above all mother nature didn’t show courtesy as she started to rain!!!

Well the showering ended few seconds later. But still the top was too far and once again we took rest at a suitable place. From that point everyone looked puny and there was some encouragement  too from other fellows whom we didn’t know. Thanks to them, we continued. Finding grips to place my hands and shoes , I was climbing using all the four limbs in this $~~^=*#>~%^* [ I don’t have suitable word to describe the difficulty] journey.

At this moment, there was three thoughts going through my mind.Image

1) Give me the power of Superman or Spiderman.

2) If I’m stuck here will there be any help ? throwing ropes from a chopper and someone tying himself to me and rescuing ?

3) Can Subbu make it???

Well first one is impossible, second was possimpossible and third one was possible. Finally , we made out of this vertical point and reached where we no more used our hands to move. Thanks to Kp, being in lead led us to this point through his lie which is,

“Macha, we are near. It’s just few more steps and I can see it”.


This path we just came was a bloody path. Literally too, as Kp and Jagadeesh had cuts in their hands and feet since they climbed the hill so far in bare foot and I too had some small cuts in my hand.



We made it to the pond on top where there was a big group sitting and chatting. I shouted the rest of our group’s name and got reply somewhere far which arose a thought that the journey to the top is still left. By the time we regrouped we had to hear a bad news.


At That Moment…#2

“karjaaya thu marjaa…” were the lines of a song from the movie ‘ABCD-Any Body Can Dance’ that was being played in my mind after watching the movie with friends in Gopalan cinemas . I watched a movie in theatre with friends after a long time because of which I was in a josh while going back home. Riding my new bike, Yamaha FZ(actually it belongs to my brother, but kinda for both) added more thrill to the josh I had. Although the road was empty I maintained the speed below 41 kmph (since the bike was new one was supposed to ride below 40 kmph atleast for a couple of months, for better performance in the future).

ayes Yamahaaa!

 The time was around 7.30 pm and I did not wear the helmet for two reasons. Primarily the vision would be blurry because of the scattering of light through the visor and other being that it actually didn’t suit me on my new bike. Hence it was hanging in my left arm. As I passed, the light poles on the left side of road stood tall with maximum brightness in pitch dark background. They were like series of photographers awaiting my arrival, the celebrity of the moment. As I passed by them, I felt as if they were clicking photos of me which made my nerves take control of the accelerator to drive even more slowly and the result was that the feeling of celebrity lasted a little longer. The reign of being celebrity ended after a couple of miles and made way to another world. I entered the forest area after the left turn from this road of photographers. As I entered, I was welcomed by a cool breeze caressing my face and hands, because of which, I stopped the bike, my hands still on clutch and accelerator, to feel more of it.

At that moment…

I was engulfed in the silence of forest directed by fireflies a couple of meters away, along with the wild night photographer-the moon. Coming from behind the dark clouds along with countless flashing stars he gave a big chilling smile. The silent forest noise bewitched me to stop the engine. As the engine shut off, the silence of forest grew more in numbers. But it stopped as a bike passed. Damn! I felt. It took me a while to recover from this deception. Meanwhile, the moon was busy making his way through the clouds to take my photo. Once again I enjoyed the thrill of being engulfed in the silence. This invaluable time didn’t long last as a series of vehicles disturbed the silence with their rattling noise. Again my reign of being celebrity ended as I started the engine and moved. During that night I think I disappointed the moon and its fellow flash lings  by not providing too many poses for their album ‘Good Night, Sweet Dreams’.

At that moment…

“Take me outside or else I’m gonna pee here itself” Rocky, my dog was barking kinda shouting at me few minutes before his food. I went out with him around 7:30 pm. As usual I saw towards that gate through which my neighboring girl walks… and to my very surprise she came out. The next moments were ‘Rocky go go, Rocky take piss , Rocky come come and Rocky here your food’. All the moments just occurred within minutes. I came out to buy a pencil which is my regular reason to come out if asked by my parents. By the time I came out she was nowhere to be found in our street. I thought she might be in any of the shops in main road. I went to a shop and she wasn’t there. So I went to another shop expecting her presence there as they are the only shops in our area. But she wasn’t there too.


I asked the shopkeeper for Dairymilk chocolate which I knew will be not there and got the expected reply. I was walking back towards our street. Suddenly from nowhere she appeared behind me. During the turn from main road to my street she came as close as half foot and at that moment…
…my heart started to pump heavily (may be I held my nerves tightly so the pressure increased as well as heart beat), my mobile phone was slipping from my sweaty hand and I hardly took breath. Uffffffffff! This is only in movies rite? Actually there was this moment which was wandering about the wonder and wilderness.

I thought of talking to her which would have been my first time since the time I had seen her long ago. But I couldn’t as I was scared of locals who spread the news faster than any news channel and facebook or twitter, because of which I may get screwed at home. And actually she was walking faster than me. I tried to match her pace, initially, but slowed down later. After that I enjoyed watching her from behind as she walked away.Image