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Random Thoughts #4

To be able to think, perceive, relate and do whatever things that brain allows us to do is an extraordinary thing. 7+ billion people, 7+ billion ways of perceiving things and relating it, but, as a whole we judge something just as, good or bad, right or wrong, yes or no. Recent developments have confused me to the level where I am judging my own thinking. For a moment, I feel I have made the right thing and after some time I realize, “what would have happened if I had done the other way?” At this moment, a part of me defends my decision and looks over the positive outcome of it. Also, at the same time, I tell to myself, “Is it necessary to defend my own decision and how can I judge if it’s the right one?”

Anyway, the thing that struggles more in my conscience is related to the worldly affair. Some years ago, during the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo shootings at Paris in 2015, during one French language and culture class of my masters, the French teacher said that he wanted to know what goes through the minds of the so called terrorists who killed the innocent people in the incident. This in turn, recalled anecdotes about the discussion I had with my Science teacher during the high school. With respect to the terrorist attacks in the past, my science teacher said that the thing that amuses him is the way how someone can manipulate a person to kill another person. Following these thoughts my mind passed through Natural Born Killer movie and Stockholm syndrome.

As a person with enough education and general knowledge and being brought in a country where famous personalities in country’s history has set an example for achieving things by peace and non-violence approach, I was taught to live in peace and harmony. The thought of obtaining inner peace from Kung fu Panda movie and famous hakuna matata from Lion King movie are some of the things I am trying to incorporate in my life. The greatest thing about me is, being human aided by guidelines of a democratic society. I consider myself sane and to a sane person like me and everyone else, upon hearing the news of any terrorist attack or any other atrocities on people (and animals), I get frustrated and feel desperate to go back time and prevent and make it feel safe. Sometimes, my initial reaction is to kill those who commit heinous atrocities on poor people.

Same thing happened when terrorists attacked the Mumbai in 2008. The live feed of the event in the TV kept the entire nation engrossed. After the successful counter attack by Indian counter-terrorists with the loss many notable police officials and commandos, the terrorist attack was nullified. They were successful in capturing a terrorist alive. The entire nation wanted the terrorist to be dead immediately and I too echoed same. As the days passed, the effect of event faded a bit bringing back the normal routine across the country. But, the scar hasn’t healed completely and is still left on many.

After 4 years of trial, discussions, panels, finally, the court issued death penalty to the captured terrorist whose name is Ajmal Kasab. 21-year-old at the time of attack, he was an illiterate brought up in a poor family from a rural area of Pakistan. At the time of verdict, I was studying my bachelors. I know the entire country rejoiced at the verdict with some complaining in the delay of judgement and other saying justice delayed but not denied. While others rejoiced, I was in kind of dilemma. I remember reading the newspaper which mentioned about Ajmal Kasab’s reaction on hearing the verdict, which said he cried then and there itself. I wouldn’t have worried much if there were no survivors among terrorists during the counter attack and Kasab was killed. But years after the event, years after feeding him biryani, he wasn’t the same person who he was during the attack. He was a changed man; he was guilty of his actions. I am basing my opinion on the tears which he got upon hearing his death penalty.

According to the Indian Penal Code, it was right to give him death for his actions. Most people agree to it. But I wasn’t and by that, I wasn’t even ready to free him. I was in dilemma to take actions on him especially 4 years after the event. I was pondering how a human can judge to issue death penalty to another human. Although Kasab was sane person but illiterate, the atrocities he committed felt right in his own perspective. For an illiterate guy, who made to believe he will be rewarded for his actions in the afterlife, he committed his actions. He agreed to do it because he was promised large amount of money to him and his family. And in case if he would die as martyr, he believed (more like made to believe) he would get all the fortunes and amazing life in the heaven. Given the condition Kasab brought up, he believed and aimed for higher things so he agreed to commit his actions. He was in a way to please the one above all and reach him. That was his perspective and objective.

If one thinks what he did is wrong, upon visiting the history, we will come across one of the bloodiest wars in the name of religion and for piece of land, the crusaders war. It was noble cause to fight, which is what told on both the sides during that period. And soldiers were taught similar things as Kasab was taught now. It’s noble, valor, pleases lord, heaven if he comes to see it. During that period, those who could defend themselves were warriors and those who couldn’t were innocent and harmless.

We are seeing same today. Those who are hungry are feeding on innocent just like the carnivorous animals who feed on herbivorous animals. A lion kills and eats a deer in order to survive. It did in order to feed its cubs too. So there is a loss of life for the survival of another. It’s been part of nature for a very long time, even before human existed. So, we as humans cannot judge certain aspects of nature. Moreover, the nature does things in order to keep the things balanced. As a spectator, one may feel sorry for the deer and people move on thinking it’s part of nature. As a whole I cannot judge about the right and wrong of a lion eating the deer.

Now in the Kasab’s event, he killed people for his survival and heavenly benefits. Just like a lion killed a harmless and innocent deer, a terrorist kills innocent people. I could be wrong comparing both the scenarios. But..but to analyse more into it, forget that you are a human for a moment and look at both the scenarios. We have a lion killing deer for food, killing another lion for the pride. On other hand, human killing other animals for food and killing fellow human for n number of reasons. From an atom point of view, “I am part of all these above mentioned things?”, “splitting me you can bring death and destruction?” or from an alien point of view, “why do these things of earth are like this?”

(The last two paragraphs seemed to create a bit of controversy among my friends who complained that it’s not appropriate to compare actions of humans with lions. That’s because lions give into their natural instincts and it’s in their nature. The things humans do is due to difference of perspectives and ideals and more over humans can think which brought a special status to them in animal kingdom. But the reason I compared both the situation is, to me, lions, tigers, humans and every single cell to multi cellular organisms are part of nature and everything comes under ‘nature‘. It’s true that humans are destroying nature. I wondered what if human destroying the nature is also part/plan of the nature! Human destroys nature and in turn destroys himself. And then a new life comes from the ashes of it creating a new environment. So the conclusion of this comparison is that there are many things happening nature. Humans being part of nature also makes his actions part of nature.)

But, as I mentioned earlier, during the period of war of religions, it was termed as noble to fight. And today, the brain washer is terrorizing for the reasons more than just to please God which leads to power, greed, lust, wealth. And the brainwashed, who executes his leader’s action does to please to one above all and thinks power, greed, lust, wealth are its reward. He is wrong now. But was he, if he lived during the war of religions? On both the sides?

Now one may argue what people thought noble earlier is no more noble. That’s my point. How do you conclude that? We have person A who has given up his old customs and tells he is upgraded to the new time and person B still remains same. Both have their reasons to stick to their causes. It’s just that we cannot judge them. Person A can think that person B is still living in old age following expired customs. Person B thinks, A is changing his ideals and perspectives with time and he doesn’t have one path or purpose. In that case, in the future we will have person C who considers both persons A and B are savages, stupid, murderous, greedy…

Humans are changing their views according to their convenience, while rest of the animal kingdom remains same (adjusting to the destruction of nature by human). That’s the reason a lion kills a deer and lives and it’s not called neither mercy nor cruel, by nature. It’s just nature.

But, we people are in the constant change of judging. How can one judge it since it’s a different perspective from different timeline and place with a different opinion? When a terrorist who has killed the innocent people, dies at the hands of a counter-terrorist, the terrorist will be hailed as a martyr by his organisation. Similarly, a counter-terrorist dies in an attack while saving same innocent people he will be called martyr too. How can both be martyrs?

If I have to judge, I will call the soldier who died saving innocent lives as a martyr and not the terrorist. I judge this based on the fact the soldier was trying to prevent innocent lives from harm. How do I know this is right? As I mentioned earlier, I am from the society where peace and non-violence are preached from a very long time. Since these values have been incorporated in me as I grew up in the society, I was made to believe this is the right thing. But 7 billion people are not from same society and some of them are from the society where they believe the righteousness is obtained in some other way which may contradict the principles of another society.

Humans are one of most evolved animal in the nature and so we have grown to an extent, where we consider a lion killing a deer in order to survive cannot be judged because it’s part of nature, whereas, a human killing another human is judged. Many times it’s judged right and many a times its judged wrong. The judgement of being right and wrong also differs from perspective. Throughout the mankind, people have done unimaginable things. When we look back at our history which is mainly written by winner’s point of view, we were made to believe what they have done is right even when it involved killing. Hero of a nation is villain for another nation. Perspective of an individual is transformed to the whole society and they believe they are right. Another society with another set of principles believe they are right. As I process these thoughts, I fall into the dilemma of trying to find out the ultimate right and wrong. Even if I am successful in judging the right and wrong, a part of me comes out and says,


“Are you sure? It’s just a random thought


Random Thoughts #3

When you get some beautiful thoughts or some random lines, you start to appreciate it and then you think ‘may be this can be shared’, just like me at this moment.
I got a line not so beautiful or poetic but something worth a read and I thought of posting here. But in the last moment, I was like chuck it, it doesn’t reach to people (with the exception of few). So, many a time I think of something nice and come here to share and then I’ll drop the idea. Sometimes the reason is what’s the purpose of sharing and why should I share ?

If you ask me, you have shared earlier and why not now?
Earlier I thought it’s what everyone does in general. They write and they share. So, I used to share too and post lots of pics (and most of the times I just felt it).
Now I have reduced it to a larger extent and rarely I post something. Sometimes, I share info that needs to be reached to many.

After some thought breaking thoughts, I realized I can post things here. Not because I want to get more likes, not because I want recognition, not because to show off but…

In the future, when humans are extinct or less stupid or when aliens rule the earth and when any of them stumble on this( or some of my other posts) they will realize,
“this dude is different”.
His friend/colleague replies, “Yes. Indeed he is different. Because no two humans have same DNA structure.”
and a meme comes saying “Yeah, SCIENCE bitch”

At that moment #3 : A dance of light

Long long ago, during a bus ride to Toulouse on a grey day…

I rested my head on the seat in front of me. My small travel bag was hanging from this seat whose strap was between my forehead and the seat on which I am resting my head. Not a single drop of water was consumed from the water bottle I am carrying and I am staring at the half eaten Oreo packet I had bought, in the seat’s small netted elastic basket. I ate just one from the packet which I had brought.

In the twilight zone around 100 km away from my destination, I saw a dance of light on my hands as I held them clutched. The flickering light came from the right side of the bus. I looked towards the warmth.  I saw a giant cloud in the shape of a tortoise shell with the sun behind it trying to lurk out towards me just like the head of a tortoise from its body.

As bus kept moving, shorter trees along the road made way for a clearer view of this giant shell of cloud between a brown and a bald head in the right side seats of the bus. Two smoke trails emerged from this giant cloud. The trail was gaining length as two airplanes were flying away from this cloud towards left.

At this moment, dark gloomed over the bus as it entered a tunnel. A few moments of ride, few moments of darkness with little light and then at that moment we emerged into…

A beautiful landscape on either sides. Green land glimmering under the golden light at the golden hour of the day made small hills with little houses made of red bricks on top to shine bright, even from the farthest distance. A bridge made of stones with many giant pillars supporting a railway line between the small hills on my left, reflected the warmth of the bright light and hence the stones seemed yellow in color. To my right, a valley sheltered many houses than it’s opposite side. There seemed enough light to shed over these beautiful small houses, even though they were closed to the direct contact of Sun’s warmth as a small hill stood between them. 

A little curve along the road towards right, made the sun rays shower the light to wake the sleepy eyes that were either slept or were lazy under the twilight ridden bus ride to Toulouse.

People woke up from cold to the dance of light.

(PS: I got to know that this is my 150th post in WordPress blog. I have no idea what to tell. Keep checking out folks for more posts and thanks to all who are constant supporters and at times appreciated the work. )


Random Thoughts #2

Recently I had an argument with a friend over the use of Plastics. It mainly involved plastic’s role in the economy of a country. With respect to Indian and world economy, my friend told it’s a must in the FMCG industries. To summarise her arguments, I’ll write them in the following points.

  • Food packing can be replaced by paper bags but it comes at the loss of many trees.
  • Alternatives to plastics in electronic industry are still in R&D.
  • Banning on complete plastic also affects the pharmaceutical industry too.
  • Replacing plastic by metal in some of the above-mentioned areas is a costly affair.

All the points mentioned by my friend is true and completely valid. It seems right for any sane person to know that banning the plastic affects the economy of a country.

At this moment, I had kind of a rebellious thought. All the points mentioned above are in the interest of humans. All the points on economy and country development concern only for human. Does these developments ever speak for an animal, bird or to the whole nature in which we are just a small part.

The answer is a big NO.

To counter my friend’s argument, I mentioned the following points.

I am not an expert in economics. I am an engineer and through an engineer’s perspective, I think by banning plastics there will be a positive effect on Indian economy not immediately but eventually.

Ban on plastic for current time surely has negative effects since many are dependent on it and immediate ban creates short-term chaos. But in a long run, it will bring out the best.

  • An alternate is required because of which new innovations and inventions will be carried out. New eco-friendly inventions are good in economic as well as eco-system point of view.
  • We all know where plastics are all going to end now and how it is affecting that area. When plastic clears from those areas there lies another opportunity.
  • It is known plastic has a negative effect on the ecosystem be it to any water bodies or land. Plastic ban stops this negative effect and helps to have a good environment which in turn good health and health is wealth.

In the end, I also said that even though I am a human, I always prefer nature over the economy.

The reason why I hate plastics and so-called economy in the above discussion is that I know how humans are exploiting the earth. There are tons of videos where plastic is proven as a dangerous affair to the environment and other species. And it hurts me whenever an exotic or endangered species are subjected to the threats of plastic alone. Blue whales, sharks are some of those endangered species that are facing problems because of plastic in water bodies.

Recently, I read somewhere that plastic will overtake the aquatic species by quantity in the future!


Lion kills a deer. There is a death which may be considered as cruel part of nature but for the eco-balance. You know why lion has to feed on deer and not plants, because just like a lion if all animals feed on the green it will lead to overgrazing, which in turn leads to deforestation, blah, blah…. It is because of this nature has some carnivorous animals in its arsenal to maintain the balance. And what are we doing? We are screwing up this balance. People by which I mean poachers and some of those with big rifles and pictures are eliminating the part of the food chain in the dumbest way possible.

In the above case, the balance was screwed by direct interference of human (who is also a part of nature). Now, the human has evolved to an extent where plastic, a product of human invention alone is causing the trouble to the entire water body.

In addition to plastic, we have fishing business to which the exotic species of oceans are been sacrificed. The following link in an example.

I was thinking how can we stop plastic affecting the nature. People Say plastic recycling. But they have been doing and creating awareness and its still reaching people. According to me the quick, hard yet the best solution is to ban the plastics. But people say it affects that, this and creates chaos and all the philosophies.

I know!

I also know it is extremely difficult to ban the plastics completely. But, it’s not impossible. I think plastic is being there from the last couple of centuries may be more than a little more. But, I am sure plastic wasn’t there when civilization started. Maybe there was like natural rubber or other things but their applications were minimal.

Without the present day technology and plastic minus wars, our ancestors lived longer than us. With technology and without the plastic, maybe we can survive in an even better way.

I could be wrong, I could be right but…

…It’s just a random thought!

Random thoughts #1

Disclaimer: The following post doesn’t belong to any genre so read at your own risk.

Brain and heart are the two parts of the human body that never rests in their lifetime. The heart keeps pumping blood (and may contain feelings according to some movies) while the brain is like a CPU that connects everything and runs everything. It does lots of things but never rests. Enough of science lessons. let’s come to the main theme of this post.

Date: 02 August 2018

Time: 00:55 Hrs

Thoughts: many

For me, the most difficult part of creating a blog post which includes writing is to have a proper start. My brain is filled with lots of thoughts which I want to share on this platform. But because of my starting trouble, most of the thoughts fade away without seeing a paper or keyboard. But today at the above mentioned time, I was determined to let out all the thoughts that run in my mind.

First and foremost, I see today the internet is being exploited in many ways. Many of them are in good ways but a lot of them sucks and many things I encounter makes me sick. I pity most of the internet users and the way they are abusing internet.

Ex: Quora. It’s an awesome platform to share and gain knowledge. When I started to use it years ago, I loved it. I got to know a lot of things, I learned a lot of things and everything was new and awesome. And then it became shit. Total shit! There are still a lot of gems but, there is an equal number of shits too. I don’t know why day by day my feed used to fill up with a lot of shits. I don’t understand the logic behind certain questions. People ask really stupidest and silly questions concerning religion, region and race and girls and impressing them. I got fed up and I downvoted those questions and answers so they won’t be in my feed. I unfollowed many topics but still… Anyway, with this, I got to know even with all the knowledge and resources available in this advanced period of human history some people still choose to be les connards.

Next thought – The concept of religion is stupid but the concept of culture should be respected. I am proud of being a Hindu culturally but I never consider Hinduism as a religion. Moreover, many scholars too share the same thought that it’s not a religion. I have a similar belief towards other famous religions too. I respect good values of every culture and I wish people just to learn them. But but some people never accept unity and co-existence. They are a bunch of hypocrites. I mean, we have a culture which teaches us lots of things. It’s good for people and makes a society. Then comes religion led by God and I am like, “I see. Oh, wait, actually I can’t see God. It’s okay dude until you keep your beliefs to yourself”. Then comes epic personalities preaching God’s words and asking to do things in name of God. I mean seriously. God gives you free will and then sets certain rules which makes me wonder about the very first humans. God created the world, all kind of animals and then human too. He gave a certain special ability to human from which came another. That’s okay. But he created a fruit and forbid the human to eat it. If that’s the case, why create the fruit in first place. Oh dear god, why in the name of God did you do it?

Anyway even if there’s an entity called as God I have no problem with him. My issue is he taught different things to different people and told that it’s the only the truth to each person. In this case, either God is false or Godmen were false. Whatever or whoever started I feel pity for people fighting over in this century too. Often I think how to get rid of this? At first, I thought proper education could be an answer. But after seeing a lot of people on Quora who have degrees in interesting domains, I came to know, “Nope! these people can never be changed. In short, humans cannot be changed.”

We all (maybe almost all with the good amount of common sense) as humans know the problems we are facing as a species. We have drastic climatic change, terrorism, scarcity of food, diseases, and many more. I always thought why can’t great leaders of the world change the way we are exploiting earth! They aren’t working on it, rather some countries and leaders are still fighting over a piece of land and some are fighting against the people of other race, religion, and region.

There are a lot of things I hate about humans and their exploitations. I am thinking how it can be changed and how can I contribute to the change.

Maybe we need Thanos!



The Train Journey

Last week on a train journey to Fontainebleau, which is around 60km from Paris, I was lucky enough to be seated by a window. I was travelling alone, due to which, I sought the companionship of music.

The Train.jpg

It was beginning of the evening. Among the rows of 10 seats, punctuated by a passage to walk, dividing them into bays of 3 seats facing another 3 seats one side and 2 seats facing another 2 seats on the other, I opted for a seat on the 3 seat bay, by an east-facing window in the train moving southwards of Paris. When I sat, there were only very few people.  In the row, front of mine, sat a blonde woman, facing the same direction as me, on a seat tall enough that the only part of her visible to me was the top part of her head. Diagonally to my right, in the 2 seat bay and in the same row and direction as that of the blonde woman, was a couple who sat close to each other and were engrossed in the phone which I assume belonged to the guy, as he held it firmly while the girl was tapping randomly on the screen. Even though I was not keen on those who were sitting behind me, I did hear, in this French speaking nation, the voice of an English speaking young woman.   Then a group of 5 boys, who appeared to be south east Asians came and occupied the remaining seats in my row. While they occupied the 4 seats in the 2 seat bay, the remaining person occupied the right most seat facing the south direction, in the 3 seat bay.

Unperturbed by all this, I took out my kindle and resumed reading The immortals of Meluha which I had begun to read earlier that day, all the while listening to music. This is something I don’t usually do but I just gave it a go this time. Sometime later the sound of the train suppressed the music that I was listening to. So, I increased the volume a little so that I could hear music clear enough to make my mood flow with music and it worked. Unexpectedly, this didn’t distract my reading, rather it set up a perfect evening ride, amidst the dancing of golden hour light through city buildings, as the train left  Gare de Lyon.

I was immersed in reading and observed very little outside the window. The City never amuses me so much as what nature does. The city buildings passed by just like that. My eyes darted away from my Kindle for brief moment to look at the river Marne. After crossing the river my eyes scooted to and away from the window. As train reached outskirts of the city, houses seemed to go far away and greens seemed to approach the railway tracks. In the meantime, I finished a chapter and kept the kindle inside. The train was proceeding in a constant motion and I changed my playlist to one that included OST from movies.  My eyes were now completely glued to the windows, looking outside. I had travelled on this route quite a number of times in last few months. When I first travelled, it was a cloudy day and the river adjacent to tracks had flooded the nearby houses. I had learnt from news earlier that day that there was a flood in Paris but never thought that I would be a witness to it for the first time in my life. There was a calm aura after the floods and my friend, who was then travelling with me, expressed his concerns on how the floods had affected many lives while I had been trying hard to see beyond the calmness left behind by the flood. I couldn’t see what I wanted to see that time. Next time, when I travelled through this route it was snowing. Compared to the previous journey, this time, I enjoyed looking through the window and it was my first time travelling while it was snowing. The snowfall outside the window did put a smile on me whilst being accompanied by melodious songs from my playlist. The third time I travelled, everything seemed dry, as winter was ending and it was just before spring set foot.

This being my 4th time and that too during spring, I saw lush green trees, alongside the tracks, which were moving rapidly matching the rhythm of train’s motion, but in the opposite direction. Behind these trees, far away, were small towns which seemed to be situated in the valley. I could see only top portions of the houses, which were built in typical French style of architecture. Compared to the trees, these houses seemed to move back little slower. As I looked beyond these house, I observed green hills moving slower than the houses. The farthest I saw, were clouds which seemed rooted in their position.  The first thing I observed was, that the objects closer to train were moving fast while ones farthest were slow.  As I was engulfed in this moment, I was intrigued by a thought from one of my fellow blogger’s post. In his recent post, he explained about his train journey and the things he observed from it and at the end, he asked the readers to share their train journey experiences. At that point of time, I had passed it as just a suggestion. However, at this point of my train journey, I was driven to bring out a meaning from the experience I was enjoying.

The following is what I understood from my recent train journey…

Just like the train, my life is moving at a constant pace. Even though train is at constant speed, objects around the train seemed to move at different speeds. Trees along the track were fast, the town behind the trees were slower and hills under golden clouds on a beautiful warm evening were either very slow or seemed to be completely motionless. Looking back at my life, I realized these things are like people in one’s life. In my life, there were people who brought me smile and joy but left quickly, just like trees passing by. Towns which were slower but bigger enough to hold my sight were like those friends who were a part of my joys and adventures and I know that they will be there for a very long period just like the towns which grew bigger in time. And then, there is the hill, which is the ‘home’ to not just the trees but also to many other living things. They will be there even as I move far away from them. It could be concealed from sight at times when the trees alongside the tracks hide them completely, but moments later the hills will again be in line of sight just like my family is in mine. And it dawned upon me that, I look at the hills with high regards just like I look at my parents and brother along with Rocky and Tinkoo.