Witnessing a smile from someone you love the most is one of the most beautiful things. That pretty smile will make one forget the worries they have. A child’s smile will make his/her mother’s moment bright, just like a man’s smile widens when his family smiles.

Smile is a powerful tool to make people happy and sometimes to connect people. A girl’s smile towards a guy who likes her could be the beginning of a beautiful relation. A deal between businessmen could be made with just one whole hearted smile. In France, whenever I go to college or take small walks around my habitat, a smile from a stranger and the greeting ‘bonjour’, makes my moment bright. A smile or a good feeling in the early morning will make me feel positive throughout the day.

Sometimes, the smile in others as a result of my actions makes me happier. Knowing that I’m the reason for someone’s smile, is the best compliment I could ever get. Few people have already given me this compliment and I am in pursuit for more. One of my friends even told me that sometimes if he sees me, smile comes automatically to him (this could be perceived in another way, as I try to crack jokes, or sometimes my actions are so weird in a good way that it makes people smile. Until there is a smile on others’ face I don’t mind continuing this).

I want everyone to smile, have positive thoughts, and the people around them would end up doing the same. I know it’s impossible to see the world itself smiling, with happy people in it. It could only be possible in a dream and I assume everyone knows why.

Anyway, if you ever think you want a reason just to smile (although I wish there will be a reason of your own, but just in case if you miss it), meet Ganya, my little neighboring dude who just completed a year of entering to this world. When I had been to India during summer vacations, I met this cute little dude who lives just above our house. She became my friend very quickly than most of the little dudes of her age. And then started a little journey of playing (literally) together. Myself being a guy who doesn’t like to take selfies was eager to take a selfie whenever she stays still and I had a phone in my hand. I often took pictures of her using phone. They were all just candid pictures. Once, I took my camera out to take some more photos, and in front of me was this little dude in her walker with one of the most mesmerizing smile I have seen. As I started taking pictures, her smile became wider. It is one of happiest smiles I have ever seen. The smile is simply pure and innocent in its nature. I consider the above picture which has this awesome smile, as one of the best pictures I’ve ever made.

img_2893I hope the smile from my little dude puts a smile on you too. Keep smiling and have a good day!


Time Changes

Disclaimer: The following article was written long ago where I wanted to express all my expressions whether it was sarcasm or frustration through writing. And the following article is one such where I wrote based on facts which I think was correct and is purely in my point of view and things I have seen.

What is the first thing in universe? No idea will be the common man’s answer and some intelligent/geeks may say Big Bang, God particle, blah… blah… But if we think again, even before big bang there existed something and I like to say that something is, actually it is not a thing but still for our sake let’s consider it as a thing and the thing is actually Time. No one knows how many billion years have passed till date, and even before date existed!

Coming to start of time, wait, I didn’t say when it started, so let’s have some approximate guess. Let it be… Who cares? Time started after big bang and so we are now somewhere around 13.7billion years. Okay?
Now, as time changed everything around it changed. Galaxies formed, stars formed, planets and their satellites, comets and many more unknown objects.

Zooming into the Milky Way and then into our solar system and then earth, we see it changing rapidly. At first it was just a ball of huge hot rocks forming another huge rock and then there started first organic thing. I forgot the name by the way. That organic thing formed into something and then from that something there was another thing. For more information google it. And then there came life and after millions of years, there were lot of lives.

On July 15th, 1992 around 10 in morning even I got life. First thing I saw is… I don’t know. But the first person to see me is a doctor as usual. So many strange things happened around me as time passed. It’s strange because I didn’t know anything at that time and I don’t remember anything from that time. Years passed and I am here today with this time thing, saying, that as time changes everything changes, including me as said by people around me. But believe me my friends, your change is the cause for change in me. Initially, I wanted all the things and peoples to be same around me. If that is what should have happened, one may say I’m !@#$%&!. Well partially true, but as wholly utter false. Everyone has their own priorities and when they mind their own, no one says a word. If I mind my own priorities everyone goes off and say, I have changed. It’s because of this I have changed, which is actually the result of change in others or they being themselves and I’m trying to do same. Time changed people and I changed when I had the time.


Time Machine

Final verdict: As Time changes everything and everyone changes.

Sorry to say, my above statement is a lie. Just think, yesterday at this time, the time was same right? (Read it again if you don’t understand) And yesterday, I may have been at some place doing something and now at same time I’m here doing another thing. So it is me and my things are the changes and not the time.
Another best example to say that time never changes is duration. When the seconds hand move from one point to its following point in a clock, it takes just a second to do so. And same amount of duration is required when it does again which means, time is constant all the time and it’s us who see change as we change.

Just like that


Sometime in the night, while I was on bed…

Its dark and its silent. The light from the small gap in door is illuminating on my book rack and clock on the wall which is perpendicular to my bed facing opposite to me. Since the light is coming after diffraction, it is not so bright. I can see where the clock is, but not what time it is. All I could sense in the room is tik-tok sound of the clock and my breathing. Lying on bed, I’m counting the seconds in my mind along with tik-tok sound. The clock sound is so varying; I was trying to match the sound with a song. But my mind is clear and is actually blank so I can’t think of any song right now. All I could do now is counting seconds along with the sound and bringing this into words. Words, the effective weapon to reach person has ability to make strong influence. Sometimes the words could be a reason for love and also war. A word can create and also can destroy. I’m happy I just got hold of these words. Going through my mind, expressing my thoughts these are the beautiful things I’m proud of owning. In my solitude world, these words are the basic unit for expressing my feelings and it also my virtual companion. A companion through my happy and sad moments. When I’m happy I write, when sad I write and when I don’t have anything to do, I write. This is the reason for birth of this writing. I’m writing, I’ll write and I’ll be writing to express myself and to reach the world, to the world of the good, the bad and the badass people among to whom this may reach. Often I thought if I could reach people through my writing and I doubted myself. But some writings later I realized that I could reach people and the reason some of my friends ask, “did you write anything later?” just boosts the confidence of writer part in me. Overall, I consider writing as a medium to express me, being me, from me. Some years down the line I hope I’ll find / make another way to express me and that will be…(I’m working on it)



I think I worked on the other way to express.

The Unsung Heroes

Their name is the soldiers

Having friends next to their shoulders

Marching like big boulders

They strike enemies boundary holders.

Far from home, far from family

They live remembering just the memory

Fighting not for the sake of money

They live in the company of harmony.

Wearing the heavy armours

Their life is of few colors

Marking their life with bold markers

They are the unsung heroes.


a still from 'Saving Private Ryan'

Image source: ‘Saving Private Ryan’ movie

Dedicated to all the soldiers…

Bidar Fort

One of the amazing trip from the year 2014, was trip to a friend’s native. Bidar, once the capital of Bahmani Kingdom, is now a district in the northern part of Karnataka state and hence known as Crown of Karnataka. Although its history goes back to B.C, it became historically significant when Bahamani sultan Ahmad Shah relocated the capital of his kingdom to Bidar in 1422.

Gagan Mahal

Gagan Mahal

Solah Khamba Mosque

Solah Khamba Mosque

Among the many attractions of Bidar, the fort tops the favorite and is one of the most formidable forts of country. Persian architecture can be seen in the fort which houses the Mahals and Mosque along with a lake. It is has triple moats which is very rare.

Triple Moat

There are several gates to the fort among which Gumbad Darwaza and Sherza Darwaza are main entrance gates. The walls, bastions, gates and barbicans of Bidar, though in ruins, are well preserved and will be the main attractions in Bidar Utsav.

IMG_2383 IMG_2386 IMG_2456 IMG_2621

One of the most unique features is the historic Karez  system which is nothing but the underground canals, built to underground water streams which are meant to provide drinking water to civilian settlements and garrison inside the fort. It is also said, beneath the surface, there also lies numerous tunnels within the fort area which is actually like two layered fort.

Rangeen Mahal

Rangeen Mahal


Ceiling from the Rangeen Mahal

Rangeen Mahal is one of the integral parts of the Bidar Fort.  The Mahal is also titled as the colored Mahal as it is decorated with tiles of diverse colors and as seen in the above pic, the colors haven’t faded yet!

Takht Mahal

Takht Mahal



Tarkash Mahal

Tarkash Mahal

Takht Mahal is the throne palace of the Bidar Fort. Diwan-i-am was the ceremonial focus of the Bahmani and Barid Shahi rulers. The large rectangular court seen here once had timber columns of which only the granite bases remain. Tarkash Mahal  lies in the west side of the Bidar fort. It was extensively used by the rulers during the period to address private audience of the kingdom.

Sherza Darwaza

Sherza Darwaza


Having the historic significance, centuries old structures, architecture and mysteries in the tunnels passage, we wandered the fort two whole days trying to imagine ourselves going back to the time and tried to visualize the scenario from the  kings and queens along with their guards and soldiers point of view. Also wondering, if at all any of the princesses trying to send love messages to her lover outside the fort/mahal through chits tied to pigeons by sitting next to a window 🙂

Along Came Sisya

Sisya, meaning student is a kannada word and here, the sisya is Aakash. Aakash a 11th grade guy from Pune was such a boy that, everyday he runs for about 20km, goes to school just for the sake of attending practicals and studies theories by himself in home. He has dream of getting into NDA- National Defence Academy and is actually preparing for it. He hasn’t watched much movies, except few recent hits and few all time hits. He has no girl friends and was never in love nor had crush on any girl.


I met him during our trekking expedition in Goa organised by YHAI, earlier this year. Mayur, Sachin, Vinodh and I reached the base camp  pretty early because of which we were able to get a tent. Later came a 40yo or something fellow from Pune followed by another Bangalorean. After some rest in the tent, we went out for exploring nearby places and returned. Then all four of us had chat with Pune fellow and got to know there will be another guy coming to our tent.

Sometime later when we entered our tent after a round of wandering the camp, we came by a guy who looked in his last teen, fair and had his hair spiked and being without any sign of moustache or beard. He was sitting in left corner of the tent and was arranging his things from his backpack. We introduced ourselves and in reply got to know his name.

Since inside the tent it was stuffy during noon, for the most of the time we  remained outside. And whenever we are about to leave the tent for another round of roaming within the camp, he asked, “Are you all going out?”

Actually we had plan of going out in the evening so at that time we said no. This happened again and in reply we said, “We will let you know if we ever go.” Moreover, whenever we started a conversation with him, his first line was, “sorry, pardon me.” That line made me to think, ” Does my english suck?” But this happened with all four of us and got know it may be because of our accent.

Finally, when we left for the Miramar beach for the first time on first day, he came with us. There we stayed for a while, after seeing few dead jelly fishes and feeling jellyness of those fish. From there we went to the market which was on the other side of our camp. During that journey, we came to know that he is a runner. So when it was about half a km to our camp, Aakash and I decided to run, as he was longing for a run  and he already missed the practise of running on that particular day. With all the energy I had, I ran quickly and he followed me running casually. When he came to me, he asked for another run, for which my exhausted body said Nooooo. By this time he became our friend and I started to teach him kannada so he became my student aka sisya. But on the first day sisya wasn’t with us all that time and spent most of the time in reading a book.


In the next morning, during breakfast, we came to know that he went for running, in the ground next to our camp, before we all were awake . On the same day, after 3-4 km of acclimatization walk along the beach, we went to have rest at bank of river Mandovi which was adjacent to our camp. Except Sachin who remained back in the tent, we had little personal chit chat. For sisya, as said earlier wasn’t in a love and neither had a crush nor attraction to any girl. But he is boy and a boy must have some or other type of feeling to a girl. Asking on the same topic and doubting his boy thing, we finally came to know that he too liked a girl. That was just a like by the way. But, to get to know about his feeling for that girl, Mayur, Vinodh and I bribed him. Bribed with stories of our attractions and crushes! From there onwards he stayed all the time with us, even though he didn’t knew kannada and there were other hindi speaking people. He became so close with us on second day itself that he showed one of his hidden talents just for Mayur and me. It is the dance.

On our third day of the expedition , we were damn exhausted in our 15km beach walk. But compared to us, he was kinda less exhausted and was enjoying with water and waves. Also he was longing for a swim in those beautiful beaches. And his wish got accepted after a km. Even after swim, our journey was kind of boring and exhausted.  There we started to talk about the birds. Foreign birds in the Indian beach. Since sisya had no knowledge about the birds, we taught him about liking the birds based on the rating, which included the type of bird, it’s feathers and figure and other things. He learnt so quickly that he started to show us some birds, saying , ” look at 2’o clock”, ” look 10’o clock” and so on. After some time he became more concerned about these birds than us.

Sisya being with us all the time, made others wondered  if he was from our place and actually our friend even before this expedition? This wonder kept us together till the last day, at all times. If we were in the last walking slowly, he would stick with us matching our pace and if were ahead of everyone he was with us there too. Not a single time, he had food without us during our entire journey.

During fourth day which is again another beach walk, we were damn lazy to do it once again. So we bunked the walk and left to the next camp in a bus. When it is about a km or two, we reached the camp by walk after a swim. And sisya was with us all these moments. And in the camp on same day, when we were lazy enough to attend the camp fire in the night, he remained with us in the tent, being lazy in a cozy nook.

On the fifth day, when we started our journey through train , we all sat in one compartment along with two more Bangaloreans from our group, who were pretty amazed by now, because of sisya being with us all the time and almost at all the places except when we went to finish our daily karya.


Sixth day was toughest yet beautiful trek in our whole journey. When we reached the Caranzol camp, we took bath in nearby river. And for the first time he was with us during a bath, and involved in catching the fishes using our towels.

At certain times we were unhappy with our sisya. Because whenever we offered him snacks or juices, he denied it most of the time. And when he accepted it , he tried to pay for it, for which we ruthlessly denied.

Since our expedition was in the western ghats which is home to the different kinds of animals, birds and reptiles, he was longing to see a snake in his whole journey, although he saw one during one of our beach walk and during the demo about handling the situation whenever we encounter a snake. Because of this craziness, on the seventh day of our expedition, at Nandran camp, he went alone in search of snake. We didn’t go as we were taking rest. Poking bushes and holes in the ground with a stick, he went into the forest. After an hour he returned and went directly to the tent. When we went to the tent, we saw him in pain, due to the injury he had in one of his leg. Then when asked about it, he said- as he was poking in a hole, a snake suddenly came out and in fear when he stepped back, he missed the balance and fell down because of which he injured himself . From there he returned to the tent hopping slowly. After examining from a group medical students who were part of our journey, they said nothing to worry about anything as it is only a cramp and suggested to use a spray and not to make any sudden moments or apply sudden loads. Because of his craziness he paid a little prize.

On the eighth day, for the first time he was ahead of us all and reached the destination pretty early. We didn’t ask about it, but we were worried about his cramp in the leg as there wasn’t any hurry to reach that early. When we reached there, he was with his book as usual, even though there was other people from our group.


Our sisya was so good at following us. In the ninth and last day, after checkout from the camp arounf 10 am, he had a seat in a bus booked at 7 pm from Goa to Pune. He said he will be going to the bus stand now itself and started to bid farewell. But, we asked him to come with us near our room booked in a Hostel on the other side of Goa and in reply he nodded and came with us. He stayed with us till 3 pm and left. When he boarded the bus, he called us and informed about it and when he reached his home safely, he sent a message.

Two days later, he sent a friend request in Facebook. And few days later he messaged saying ” Nin th*ka k*ya” meaning ” F*ck your a**”. He did so, because ‘Hi’ in kannada means ‘Nin th*ka k*ya’ as we taught him, but not the one it is supposed to be in original.  And in a bracket he also messaged ‘Hi’. What made me proud of being master to sisya is, during the chat on that day, he asked me suggestions about asking out a girl!


For whom do we live?

This question starts to arise, when you realize that even you starts to think about others and the things you expect from others. When you go out to buy clothes with your friends or family, after selecting a dress, you ask, “How does it look for me?” You ask others to buy for you. You may feel happy if they agree what you selected, if they didn’t like…you move to other. This is one simple example to tell that we live for others, in our own life.

In a society where I live, one doesn’t know about the life they have, until they realize the thing they want to become before someone asks, “What do you want to become?” Until the completion of their school, one will be guided at each and every stage by some or other in the form of parents, teachers, guardians, other elders. And till that moment, there only purpose of life was to clear the grades. Now they are ready for the college. Questions like “what do you want to do now?” starts to come. This is the time where one will be guided to a path as required by others. Some lucky fellows chose their own path they like. They are lucky because they will be surrounded by likeminded people. But the tough time starts to those lucky fellows, when people around them starts to expect the outcome from the path they have chosen. And that is the moment they realize, for whom do we live?

It is irony that some people live their life for others. A man who works for his family and his wife who is also a mother lives for her kids. Their kids who may be not knowing what life is lives under the shadow of their parents. When those kids grow up and start to earn, they think it’s time to look after the parents who worked all their life just for their sake. Years later, they will have their own family and same cycle repeats, again and again.

There is an interesting thing that lies between two kinds of people. People who has everything and people with nothing. Among these, each type of people is jealous of others and once again, they admire others to set their life. A millionaire who has everything thinks of people who has nothing but living peacefully(Because he doesn’t have a million rupees and million problems) and a common man who has nothing but wants to have everything!

Now the question is, when will a man live for himself?

Answer is, it is the stage where he is not used to walk on two limbs. I mean a small baby and an old fellow with walking stick. The baby who doesn’t know about the world, orders food by crying and it is served. Want to go for loo, again cry and the people around it will be ready to look after the baby. Whoa a lucky one I guess! Coming to a granny’s story, well, they won’t have anyone to serve them at all the times. They will be living, considering each moment as precious ones. All their lives, they lived for others and now they have realized to live for no one. Technically they are dependent on people in their last part of life’s journey, but, they are the independent ones who will enjoy the fullest freedom, irrespective of the state they are in. They have no hope of living like a hero, but being simplest persons on the planet.

Now we may think, “are we living for other?” Absolutely Yes and No. Confused? Well, You must be. Because you don’t know how you live and why you live and for whom you live. You live in a society which means definitely you will be living for others. But, at same time you live for yourself too. Starting from start of the day, you live for yourself. That one minute nap after the alarm in morning, hot water bath in chilled weather , last sip of the coffee, having last piece of bread, looking at the birds or clouds when stuck in a traffic, evening chats, big dreams in same nights and refreshing your computer at times are some of the unnoticed things we do for ourselves among other thousands of precious things. So let’s try to live the life considering each moment as an adventure and lets live through some of the good, the bad and the badass moments!!!