Bicycle story #2

In the earlier Bicycle story , I shared my friend’s blog post, where pics of our little bicycle adventures are shown. The photos from earlier post were taken by Mayur Srivatsav. Since he shot those pictures, one could see more of me in those pics.

Now it is my turn to present the bicycle story from my point of view through following photos. And, je vous présentez les photos de nos petite adventures !





my bike!



Chips and Crisps | Short Film | India Film Project 2016

“Chips and Crisps” is a short film made for the India Film Project 2016. The theme for the event was ” Top of the world “.
Scripting, Shooting, Post processing of this short film was completed in 50 hours.

Produced by – One By Two Films

Cast – Harish K P, Kirtana Puthran, Jerol Soibam, Lara Poitrin, Youssra Benchekroun
Music – Nihar Apte
Story & Screenplay – Mayur Srivatsav
Camera Crew – Mayur Srivatsav & Jayanth Kumar
Cinematography – Mayur Srivatsav
Sound Mixing & Editing – Jayanth Kumar & Mayur Srivatsav
Director – Jayanth Kumar

Bicycle story

The place I live in (Chasseneuil) is a small commune, surrounded by vast farmlands in all directions. The view resembles Microsoft Windows wallpapers. Beauty in every direction! My friends and I bought used bicycles recently and have been going crazy riding them everywhere. Here are some pictures, The lone ranger The Shawshank redemption Interstellar Goodfellas […]

via Cycling in French villages — Active Idler

Under the Wings

A journey of nearly 8000kms.

IMG_6511 copy

City Lights

These are the pics, which I captured during my journey from Bengaluru to Paris, to continue my course after enjoying two months of Vacation in home.




Contrary to last year, I was little excited (not even little I guess) while leaving home this time. I missed everything I had in last 2 months. And, it was a solo trip. Thanks to my brother, he gave his phone (on request even though he was ready to buy me a new phone ) which accompanied me because of which I was able capture these moments.



Under the Wings