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The Train Journey

Last week on a train journey to Fontainebleau, which is around 60km from Paris, I was lucky enough to be seated by a window. I was travelling alone, due to which, I sought the companionship of music.

The Train.jpg

It was beginning of the evening. Among the rows of 10 seats, punctuated by a passage to walk, dividing them into bays of 3 seats facing another 3 seats one side and 2 seats facing another 2 seats on the other, I opted for a seat on the 3 seat bay, by an east-facing window in the train moving southwards of Paris. When I sat, there were only very few people.  In the row, front of mine, sat a blonde woman, facing the same direction as me, on a seat tall enough that the only part of her visible to me was the top part of her head. Diagonally to my right, in the 2 seat bay and in the same row and direction as that of the blonde woman, was a couple who sat close to each other and were engrossed in the phone which I assume belonged to the guy, as he held it firmly while the girl was tapping randomly on the screen. Even though I was not keen on those who were sitting behind me, I did hear, in this French speaking nation, the voice of an English speaking young woman.   Then a group of 5 boys, who appeared to be south east Asians came and occupied the remaining seats in my row. While they occupied the 4 seats in the 2 seat bay, the remaining person occupied the right most seat facing the south direction, in the 3 seat bay.

Unperturbed by all this, I took out my kindle and resumed reading The immortals of Meluha which I had begun to read earlier that day, all the while listening to music. This is something I don’t usually do but I just gave it a go this time. Sometime later the sound of the train suppressed the music that I was listening to. So, I increased the volume a little so that I could hear music clear enough to make my mood flow with music and it worked. Unexpectedly, this didn’t distract my reading, rather it set up a perfect evening ride, amidst the dancing of golden hour light through city buildings, as the train left  Gare de Lyon.

I was immersed in reading and observed very little outside the window. The City never amuses me so much as what nature does. The city buildings passed by just like that. My eyes darted away from my Kindle for brief moment to look at the river Marne. After crossing the river my eyes scooted to and away from the window. As train reached outskirts of the city, houses seemed to go far away and greens seemed to approach the railway tracks. In the meantime, I finished a chapter and kept the kindle inside. The train was proceeding in a constant motion and I changed my playlist to one that included OST from movies.  My eyes were now completely glued to the windows, looking outside. I had travelled on this route quite a number of times in last few months. When I first travelled, it was a cloudy day and the river adjacent to tracks had flooded the nearby houses. I had learnt from news earlier that day that there was a flood in Paris but never thought that I would be a witness to it for the first time in my life. There was a calm aura after the floods and my friend, who was then travelling with me, expressed his concerns on how the floods had affected many lives while I had been trying hard to see beyond the calmness left behind by the flood. I couldn’t see what I wanted to see that time. Next time, when I travelled through this route it was snowing. Compared to the previous journey, this time, I enjoyed looking through the window and it was my first time travelling while it was snowing. The snowfall outside the window did put a smile on me whilst being accompanied by melodious songs from my playlist. The third time I travelled, everything seemed dry, as winter was ending and it was just before spring set foot.

This being my 4th time and that too during spring, I saw lush green trees, alongside the tracks, which were moving rapidly matching the rhythm of train’s motion, but in the opposite direction. Behind these trees, far away, were small towns which seemed to be situated in the valley. I could see only top portions of the houses, which were built in typical French style of architecture. Compared to the trees, these houses seemed to move back little slower. As I looked beyond these house, I observed green hills moving slower than the houses. The farthest I saw, were clouds which seemed rooted in their position.  The first thing I observed was, that the objects closer to train were moving fast while ones farthest were slow.  As I was engulfed in this moment, I was intrigued by a thought from one of my fellow blogger’s post. In his recent post, he explained about his train journey and the things he observed from it and at the end, he asked the readers to share their train journey experiences. At that point of time, I had passed it as just a suggestion. However, at this point of my train journey, I was driven to bring out a meaning from the experience I was enjoying.

The following is what I understood from my recent train journey…

Just like the train, my life is moving at a constant pace. Even though train is at constant speed, objects around the train seemed to move at different speeds. Trees along the track were fast, the town behind the trees were slower and hills under golden clouds on a beautiful warm evening were either very slow or seemed to be completely motionless. Looking back at my life, I realized these things are like people in one’s life. In my life, there were people who brought me smile and joy but left quickly, just like trees passing by. Towns which were slower but bigger enough to hold my sight were like those friends who were a part of my joys and adventures and I know that they will be there for a very long period just like the towns which grew bigger in time. And then, there is the hill, which is the ‘home’ to not just the trees but also to many other living things. They will be there even as I move far away from them. It could be concealed from sight at times when the trees alongside the tracks hide them completely, but moments later the hills will again be in line of sight just like my family is in mine. And it dawned upon me that, I look at the hills with high regards just like I look at my parents and brother along with Rocky and Tinkoo.


Golden hour in Toulouse

Recently, I had been to Toulouse and had an amazing week of eating awesome food prepared by my friends. Toulouse, being one of the biggest cities in France didn’t appeal much to me just like other cities as I’m least interested in cities nowadays. But Toulouse being hub of aerospace hub, also attracts me. This mixed feeling for Toulouse shifted a little towards positive after I explored some of the close to nature side of the city. In my recent visit, I stayed closely to this amazing canal of the city which dances with golden hour light everyday and I enjoyed walking by the canal when ever I get the chance. One day we also hiked to a nearby hill in the outskirts of city to have an amazing view of sunset. Following are the few pictures from my short stay at Toulouse taken from my mobile in the golden hour of the day.

File_000 (1)

File_000 (2)


Just after golden hour

The River

The River, on whom the civilization surving

The river is one of the most important source for the living of a being in this planet. Originating from earth’s crust it starts as streams of water , joins together to form a river that flows through the wild and also through civilizationz and at certain places falls from heights and ends by joining the vast seas and oceans. The river is also the birth place of civilizations such as the Egyptian civilization on the banks of river Nile and the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilization on the banks of river Indus/Sindh.The River, on whom the civilization surving

In India, except rivers Krishna and Brahmaputra, all other rivers are considered feminine which include rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Kaveri and so on which are actually considered holy and are worshipped. This is because a woman holds an important position in our culture for her greatness and modesty. Sustaining millions of lives in her and supporting another millions of lives, she is respected as a mother, the descendant of our Earth.

The River being calm in the midst of nature

Another image showing her calmness in absence of threats posed by humans

A mother an image for the love , care, calmness and forgiveness are imbibed by a river towards other creations of Earth. One such creation is human whose life starts at river and also ends there! Whatever the mistakes humans makes she kept washing his sins by consuming all their sins into herself and carried them away from him. But the human who never stops what he started, forgot to show his gratitude to her and polluted her purity and holiness . He didn’t stop there but instead he tried to make profits from her love and care. He misused her forgiveness and sealed her calmness by building the dams .

 However she controlled all her emotions and braced herself against the problems posed by human for very long time. But when time came she couldn’t control anymore and showed her dark side which caused the human to face D-Day, the Day of damage, demolition, destruction and death. In short kind of Doomsday. This is what we witnessed during the recent floods that washed Uttarakhand state in India. Finally she taught us a lesson which we are supposed to learn long ago. We neglected her forgiveness and we paid the price. Let us SAVE WATER, SAVE EARTH and thereby SAVE HUMANITY for our better future.

 [Do you know why the sea water is not portable or not used for any purpose? It is because it is filled with the sins of our species that have been depositing in it from long ago]


Shivappanayaka Fort


Shivappanayaka Fort also known Nagara Fort is located at place called Nagara, Shimoga District , Karnataka. Nagara is also famous for being the last capital of the Keladi rulers.Image

This lush green covered Fort’s photos was taken on my trip with my parents to kolluru Mookambika temple.

ImageSince I was traveling with my parents and other elders whose intentions was to reach Kolluru before night I didn’t get the chance to have a look inside the Fort which situated in greenaries of Shimoga.ImageHoping to visit this place once again and have a look inside the Fort.