Weekend Wandering

These are the Pics from our last weekend wandering in the countryside by river La Claine near Poitiers, France.  

24/01/2k16 – Full Moon

Time Changes

Disclaimer: The following article was written long ago where I wanted to express all my expressions whether it was sarcasm or frustration through writing. And the following article is one such where I… Continue reading

Just like that

19-12-2013 Sometime in the night, while I was on bed… Its dark and its silent. The light from the small gap in door is illuminating on my book rack and clock on the… Continue reading

2015 Year Trip

  From minute things in my home in India to the magnum buildings in Europe in 2015, I present the things, places I saw which inspired to see some more places in 2016.

Euro trip – Berlin

Euro trip – Prague, Czech Republic

These are the pics from my recent trip to Prague where I enjoyed two days of fun and city adventure.    

Darkness is coming

…& then Light Comes

Into the darkness…