Weekend Wandering


These are the Pics from our last weekend wandering in the countryside by river La Claine near Poitiers, France.



Playing Football after a longg time 


Don’t be scared…it’s just the light effect!


Time Changes

Disclaimer: The following article was written long ago where I wanted to express all my expressions whether it was sarcasm or frustration through writing. And the following article is one such where I wrote based on facts which I think was correct and is purely in my point of view and things I have seen.

What is the first thing in universe? No idea will be the common man’s answer and some intelligent/geeks may say Big Bang, God particle, blah… blah… But if we think again, even before big bang there existed something and I like to say that something is, actually it is not a thing but still for our sake let’s consider it as a thing and the thing is actually Time. No one knows how many billion years have passed till date, and even before date existed!

Coming to start of time, wait, I didn’t say when it started, so let’s have some approximate guess. Let it be… Who cares? Time started after big bang and so we are now somewhere around 13.7billion years. Okay?
Now, as time changed everything around it changed. Galaxies formed, stars formed, planets and their satellites, comets and many more unknown objects.

Zooming into the Milky Way and then into our solar system and then earth, we see it changing rapidly. At first it was just a ball of huge hot rocks forming another huge rock and then there started first organic thing. I forgot the name by the way. That organic thing formed into something and then from that something there was another thing. For more information google it. And then there came life and after millions of years, there were lot of lives.

On July 15th, 1992 around 10 in morning even I got life. First thing I saw is… I don’t know. But the first person to see me is a doctor as usual. So many strange things happened around me as time passed. It’s strange because I didn’t know anything at that time and I don’t remember anything from that time. Years passed and I am here today with this time thing, saying, that as time changes everything changes, including me as said by people around me. But believe me my friends, your change is the cause for change in me. Initially, I wanted all the things and peoples to be same around me. If that is what should have happened, one may say I’m !@#$%&!. Well partially true, but as wholly utter false. Everyone has their own priorities and when they mind their own, no one says a word. If I mind my own priorities everyone goes off and say, I have changed. It’s because of this I have changed, which is actually the result of change in others or they being themselves and I’m trying to do same. Time changed people and I changed when I had the time.


Time Machine

Final verdict: As Time changes everything and everyone changes.

Sorry to say, my above statement is a lie. Just think, yesterday at this time, the time was same right? (Read it again if you don’t understand) And yesterday, I may have been at some place doing something and now at same time I’m here doing another thing. So it is me and my things are the changes and not the time.
Another best example to say that time never changes is duration. When the seconds hand move from one point to its following point in a clock, it takes just a second to do so. And same amount of duration is required when it does again which means, time is constant all the time and it’s us who see change as we change.

Just like that


Sometime in the night, while I was on bed…

Its dark and its silent. The light from the small gap in door is illuminating on my book rack and clock on the wall which is perpendicular to my bed facing opposite to me. Since the light is coming after diffraction, it is not so bright. I can see where the clock is, but not what time it is. All I could sense in the room is tik-tok sound of the clock and my breathing. Lying on bed, I’m counting the seconds in my mind along with tik-tok sound. The clock sound is so varying; I was trying to match the sound with a song. But my mind is clear and is actually blank so I can’t think of any song right now. All I could do now is counting seconds along with the sound and bringing this into words. Words, the effective weapon to reach person has ability to make strong influence. Sometimes the words could be a reason for love and also war. A word can create and also can destroy. I’m happy I just got hold of these words. Going through my mind, expressing my thoughts these are the beautiful things I’m proud of owning. In my solitude world, these words are the basic unit for expressing my feelings and it also my virtual companion. A companion through my happy and sad moments. When I’m happy I write, when sad I write and when I don’t have anything to do, I write. This is the reason for birth of this writing. I’m writing, I’ll write and I’ll be writing to express myself and to reach the world, to the world of the good, the bad and the badass people among to whom this may reach. Often I thought if I could reach people through my writing and I doubted myself. But some writings later I realized that I could reach people and the reason some of my friends ask, “did you write anything later?” just boosts the confidence of writer part in me. Overall, I consider writing as a medium to express me, being me, from me. Some years down the line I hope I’ll find / make another way to express me and that will be…(I’m working on it)



I think I worked on the other way to express.

2015 Year Trip


From minute things in my home in India to the magnum buildings in Europe in 2015, I present the things, places I saw which inspired to see some more places in 2016.